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The Girl and the Builder

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The Girl and the Builder

Post by ShadowFantasy on 6/20/2014, 9:10 pm

The Girl and the Builder

By ShadowFantasy

Long ago, there was a person that considered himself nothing more than a humble builder during the day while slaying all kinds of the undead and other monsters by the nighttime.  He found a group of friends in an old world and began to build and do what he did best: Build and Fight.

He decided to build into the sky, thinking that it was the safest place on the world to do his building and fighting.  He spent hours upon hours, collecting, mining, chopping trees and building everything that he could think of with his own imagination.  Everything he built saw glory and many of his new friends sought fit to come and visit him up there in his little space in the sky.  He of course let them come up and have their own look around much to his own foolishness.  As he did, the people he had thought of as friends drew their swords and took up their arms, severely hurting the builder and his pride.  His heart broken and shattered along with his work, he hung his head in shame and soon became a mute to those around him.  He brought himself, all of his emotions and his thoughts, everything that he was and was ever going to be, into a dark shroud and encased it into a big shell over his heart.

Never again will I see myself betrayed and my work destroyed.  I will keep my heart in this cage for all of eternity, hiding all of my hatred, anger, grief and sadness within this prison called my soul.  Never again shall I allow myself to be betrayed by another person.  Never again will I grow close to another person only to be hurt in the end.

This, is a promise.

The builder remained caged within his own hatred and disgust for those that had betrayed his kindness, never able to take up his own arms and revenge for the risk of losing his own life in the process.  So he carried on building and killing monsters.  Months passed and his collection of prized possessions grew more and more as his cage drove him further and further away from those that would try and make amends or grow a friendship with him.  Each time they asked to see his pride and joy, he denied them.  Each and everytime he looked upon those others as his enemies, people who would do nothing but hurt him in the end of it all.

But then came a girl.

She was nothing special really.  A humble young writer and artist who sought nothing more than to look on and watch as the others played within that world, laughing and carrying on with their lives.  Then she came upon the builder.  She had been watching him for quite some time, always curious about everything that he had been doing and how he always conducted his daily business.  But then she noticed something: He was all alone.  The longer that she watched him go about his daily business, running around and fixing all of his creations when they needed it and adding to his collection, the longer she felt sorry for his loneliness.  The others warned the girl of his hatred, trying to protect her from him should he suddenly release all of his pent up anger and frustration that had been bottled up and building inside of his dark, shrouded and caged up heart.  But this only made her more determined to talk to the builder face to face.  So one day, the girl approached the builder much to everyone else's warnings and tapped him on the shoulder, a big smile on her face as she looked on at what he was doing with everlasting curiosity.

What are you doing building here all alone?  Don't you have any friends that can help you out?

The girl asks him.  The builder instantly stops what he's doing and stands up, turning around to face her with an angry scowl on his face, something that was, as of late, very normal for him.

What could I gain from having them helping me?  The only thing other's are good for nowadays is fodder for those monsters that always prowl the night, the thing's that fear me for what I can do.  If I were to let them help me, they would only betray me in the end.  Nothing in this world could be more utterly pointless than friendship.  No, it's best for me to just stay away from such a thing rather than risk being hurt once again.

The builder says, to which the girl gives the builder a shocked look.  She had had no idea how horrible the builder's life had been, doing something so great yet being so torn up on the inside.  But she knew how it felt, for she too had a darkness inside of her heart that just wouldn't simply go away.  But she knew the cure for such a tortured soul, something that could only be undone by regaining the trust of another all over again.

So the girl returned home that day, an idea slowly forming inside of her head as she quickly joined her own group of friends for their daily activities of fun and playing together, laughing and giving each other a hard time for no reason more than to just be happy around each other.  After a little while of doing their everyday activities in their own world, the girl saw fit to ask them about maybe giving another person a chance to play with them for a while and make some new friends.  They were all but eager to meet this new person, feeling more and more sorry for the poor thing after hearing of his tale.  They told the girl to bring him the next day so that they could meet him and finally give him something that he had been craving for so long: true friends.

So the very next day, much to everyone's surprise, she approached the builder again.  This time she asked him if he would've liked to come and see another world with her, a place where she told him that he would finally be safe and able to do what he liked.  The builder wanted nothing of it, telling her to go away and to never come back.  A saddened expression on her face, she told the builder that he was more than welcome to reconsider at any time and she gave him a way to contact her just in case he changed his mind.  The builder gave her an overly confused look as she happily skipped away to go and play with her other friends in their world.  The builder thought nothing of this gesture at first, thinking that it was nothing more than a tremendous waste of his time.  But as the months went on and his collection grew, only to be picked and destroyed as he went on building and fighting monsters, a thought occurred to him as he grew curious as to what it would finally be like to be free of such torture as this that he faced everyday.  Then he thought about how he acted towards the girl when she had given him such a kind gesture and his conscience finally kicked in, telling him to contact the girl once again and see what she had originally wanted.

So contact her he did.

The very next day the girl came back with one of her other friends in tow, grinning and happy as she came up to the builder as he was doing his everyday tasks.  The builder was hesitant at first as he saw the girl bringing a second person with her.  She assured him that he was nothing more than one of her own friends and that there was nothing to fear from him as she offered him her hand to go along with her.  Reluctantly and with a gulp of anxiety at trying to trust one more person again, he took her hand and together the three of them went off to their world.

There the builder met all sorts of creatures and saw all kinds of things that he had never seen before, everything that he saw having been created by the girl and her own friends.  She grinned at him once again and pulled him along to go and meet with her friends.  They all smiled and quickly started to give him some things that he could do for them to help them build a home for themselves.  The builder was all but happy to build things for them as they needed it and before too much longer, everything that they had created was up and ready for them to enjoy.  He saw their faces as they explored his wondrous work, impressed and excited to bring him along with them to play for the rest of that day.  Surprised by their kindness and excitement, the builder could do nothing more than agree to go along with them.  They all played together happily for the longest time, the sun finally setting and their fun having no choice but to end for that day.  Saying goodbye to those new people that he had never been with before, the girl approached him again before he returned to his own world.  She smiled at him and asked him if he had had fun with them.  The builder felt something then, something he hadn't felt in a long, long time: Happiness.

The builder grinned at her for the first time that she had ever seen and told her that he would come back again the next day to play with them for sure.  The girl grinned back and told him that he wouldn't be forgotten about, that they would be waiting for him the next day.  The builder went back home, a big smile spread on his face for the first time in a long time.  Months went on as the builder came back time and time again to play with them, each time a bigger and bigger smile spreading on his face as he went back home for that day.  Slowly his heart began to let go of the hatred, anger, frustration and grief that he had felt for so long, the cage around his heart unlocking as new memories of the times he had spent with them started to replace that which had caused him so much pain and suffering.  The more time he spent with them, playing and laughing in their world, the more the darkness around his heart and soul lifted.  Before too much longer, he became truly happy.  He had finally found the thing that his heart had been missing for so long.


~The End~


Special thanks go to:


For the one person that had finally shown me light where it had never been in the longest time and for being my friend for so very long now.  Thank you so much.


For being that one mentor that I could always go to whenever I had a problem or something that I could've never dealt with on my own.  Thank you so much.


For being the biggest teddybear that I've ever seen coming from such an odd group of friends, some of the strangest (and coolest!) that I've ever had.  Thank you so much.


For always giving me someone to come and play with in our own little worlds, a place where I can and always will be myself.  Thank you so much.


For giving me and everyone else here such a big place where we can all play in peace and be ourselves.  Thank you so much.


For always being that one little technical problem solver that I could always rely on whenever I needed some help with something or another.  Thank you so much.

~Thank you so much, all of you~

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