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The Kitten and the Wolf

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The Kitten and the Wolf

Post by ShadowFantasy on 6/20/2014, 5:11 am

The Kitten and the Wolf

By Mobius5XGaming/Jake

Once upon a time in the world of Otaku, there was a big forest that housed many a creature within its comforting walls.  One such creature, a big wolf named Bramble, was the protector of such a forest. He always did what he could to protect the forest and all of its inhabitants from danger such as fire and other humans that would dare to try and destroy it for its lumber.

One day however, that all changed.  A huge storm struck the forest that day, wind and rain ripping and tearing at all of the trees inside of the forest and whipping loose plants and light animals around like they were nothing.  Bramble did all he could to save everything he knew and loved, running around as a huge dire wolf and carrying all of the smaller and more vulnerable animals to the safety of the trees central and most magical tree.  He carefully and quickly took them all to a large knothole in that tree, depositing them before quickly running back out and grabbing as many animals as he could save.

Then disaster struck the forest.

A huge bolt of lightning hit a tree at the edge of the forest and set it on fire, quickly starting to burn all of the trees and kill all of the plants and animals.  Bramble tried desperately to get all of the animals to safety, only to fall victim to the incendiary blaze's choking smoke and ravenous heat.  Before he finally passed out, he heard the cries of a small kitten mewling in the distance as if she was in trouble.  Moving and running as fast as he could, the wolf surged through the trees towards the kitten, wrapping his body around her and growling at the flames as they quickly surrounded him and the kitten.  The kitten soon started choking on the flames and Bramble did everything he could to avoid losing consciousness and make sure that it lived.  But all of his efforts were in vain.  As the fire's blackened and deadly smoke finally took him from consciousness, the kitten finally died curled up in his warm embrace.

Bramble soon awoke the next morning to find the dead kitten burying its face into his body limply and the forested world that he once knew destroyed and turned to nothing but smoldering ashes and ruined black tree stumps.  Bramble did the only thing he could think of then as he nosed the poor kitten that lay dead in his arms, praying desperately that she was alright and that he had saved her.

He shed tears and howled into the air, grieving for the kitten.

That night he buried the poor kitten right where he had found her before sadly turning away from his once safe forest home and heading out into the world.  It didn't take him long to grow weary and hungry just as he finally finds a small hut in the middle of a large field, miles away from his former home.  As he approached the hut, an adult female human saw his sad state and came rushing over as Bramble finally collapsed from exhaustion.

When next he awoke, Bramble found himself inside of the human's den next to a warm fire, a bowl of cold water and warm food resting quietly beside him.  But that wasn't the only thing.  Lying curled up and contently snuggled into his belly fur was a small kitten, something that made his heart skip a beat.  Was this the same kitten that so long ago he had tried so desperately to save?  He thought.  He shook his head as he remembered that he had buried the kitten that had last died in his embrace.  With his stomach growling, Bramble got up and started to eat the food, rousing the small kitten that was snuggled so comfortably into his fur.

The kitten made a small squeaking sound and pawed at Bramble's legs as he was eating.  "Mew?"  It squeaked.  Bramble honestly couldn't figure out why the little kitten was pawing at such a huge, big and scary thing like him.  So he stepped aside and nosed it towards the food, thinking that it was hungry.  The kitten quickly squeaked and shook its head before batting at his face.  "Mew!  Your food!  You eat it!"  It said to him.

Bramble then started to growl at the kitten fiercely, furious that it had had the nerve to tell him that he needed to eat.  "What does food matter to me?!  I lost my home and everything that I lived for just so I could save something so fragile as you!  If you're not going to eat what I'm offering you then leave and don't bother me ever again!"  He barks at it.

The kitten's ears immediately go back as it sniffles and starts to cry.  "I-I'm sowwy mistew....I only wanted a fwiend to pway with....I'll leave you alone naos...."  It cries, walking away before going to sob in a small box outside of the human's den.  Bramble huffed at the kitten's sadness, turning around and slumping down in front of the warmth of the fire once again.  No one knew the pain that he had been through, not even that small kitten would cheer him up.

But then that very same night, a massive storm just like the one that had taken Bramble's precious forest away from him struck the human's den, threatening to take life and happiness away from him again.  But Bramble was inside the den, safe and sound.  He almost paid no attention to it....until he heard the mewling of the same kitten from his forest so long ago.  Bolting up onto his paws, Bramble raced outside and looked around frantically for the kitten that was calling for his help.  He soon spots the very same kitten he had yelled at so many hours ago, mewling and crying for help in a small box outside of the house.  The kitten was drenched and wet, shaking from the chills crawling up its spine as it cried and sobbed desperately for someone or something to help it.  Bramble hesitated at first, thinking that it must have been sheer coincidence that it had gotten into the box when a storm was coming.  Then he realized that it was the god's giving him a second chance to save such an innocent life, the thing that had torn up his heart and soul and made it as black as the soot and ash that now covered his precious forest.

Without thinking, Bramble races over to the kitten as a bolt of lightning strikes a nearby pole, falling down and catching his leg.  He howls in pain as it traps his leg and pins it to the ground, the kitten still mewling and crying desperately for help.  Bramble was furious at the god's for doing such a thing to him, clawing and gnashing at his own paw that was trapped underneath the pole until he finally got it free, bloody and smashed up from the struggle.  Limping over to the kitten as quickly as he could, he grabs it by the scruff of its neck and knocks the box over before crawling inside of it with it.  He noses the box over the top of the two of them before gently setting the soaking wet kitten snugly into his belly fur before painfully curling up around it.

The kitten cries and sobs as it spots his leg, all beaten up and bloodied from his struggle to get to her.  It cries at Bramble.  "Why did chu come and save me mistew?  Chu got so hurt!  I thought chu hated mwe!"  The kitten cries, showing itself to be a small female kitten just like the one that Bramble had failed to save so long ago.

Bramble chuckles weakly at the kitten.  "I came from a forest once little one....It was so beautiful.  Then a storm just like this one took it away from me as I tried to save a kitten just like you.  I lost that kitten trying to protect it....I wasn't going to let you die too."  He tells her, a small tear falling from his eyes as his head slowly collapses onto the ground underneath the box.

The kitten sobs and cries, pawing at Bramble's muzzle.  "Nyuuu!  Don die mistew!  Chu can't!"  It cries, pawing at his face desperately to try and get him to stay awake.

But Bramble merely chuckles at the kitten's antics, slowly closing his eyes as his exhaustion and pain finally starts to get to him.  "Foolish little kitten....I can't die....not until I see you live to see another sunrise....  He says, sleep finally taking hold of him.

The kitten sobs and starts to cry, looking around for anything that could help her with his leg.  Finding some scraps of cloth, the kitten quickly ties it tightly around the injury on his leg before curling up inside of his belly fur.  "Chu ish not allowed to go!  I won't let chu.  Nao sleepies mistew's mwy turn to protect chu."  she says, licking him softly and gently behind his ears before snuggling up in the confines of his belly fur to sleep and watch over him, the storm raging outside of the box.

To be continued.....
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