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Saber's Edge

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Saber's Edge

Post by Pleiades on 3/21/2014, 7:12 am

Prologue: Welcome to Concurs

Welcome to the Concurus System.

It’s a tiny little star system, circling a very young star. It’s even smaller than our own, having only three planets.

Phantasia, the world of knowledge. The denizens of this world never tire of becoming smarter and wiser, and their majestic colonies have grown towards the horizon and into the sky. There is little that the Phantasians see as impossible, and it is always within their interest to test boundaries. Their planet itself was once a shining cobalt blue, not just from the grand seas that cover the majority of their planet but from their cities, whose buildings would be a shimmering cobalt in the day and lit up like a colony of fireflies at night.

Aetas, the world of freedom. The largest planet in the system, Aetas has nothing to offer but natural beauty and bountiful resources that Phantasians and Veritians crave. Dotted around its majestic forests, lakes, plains, and mountains are the Aetians, a nomadic people who chose tradition over progress and tranquility over power. They choose to keep their way of life the way it is, having learned of the Veritians’ chaos thanks to the Phantasians, and by being afraid of the Phantasians’ technology.

Veritas, the world of strength. The smallest planet in Concurus, Veritas is constantly embroiled in war and soaked in blood. The planet is rather arid as a whole, and food shortages are common. Veritas is also the most heavily populated out of the three planets, because of the Veritians’ unique biology. The Veritians crave power, and will do anything to conquer their world and all of Concurus. Warlords roam the land, destroying and taking what they please, and their fires light up the planet nightly.

The planets have danced around their young sun, uninterrupted, for millennia. However, an accident on Phantasia left a scar in the fabric of reality itself, forever altering Concurus.

From a laboratory on Phantasia, a grand light erupted, enveloping the three planets and the young star. The tear in reality it created brought forth mysterious creatures by Phantasian design, creatures that were never supposed to take corporeal form, known as SABERs. These SABERs originally lived as programs in a video game called Saber’s Edge, again of Phantasian origin, and used the power behind a mysterious new material, later to be named “noise”, to stand tall among their former masters and their brothers.

The tear in reality did more than just drag SABERs into the real world, however. It left an indelible mark on each of the planets.

Phantasia suffered the worst damage, being at ground zero. The planet was torn apart and stitched back together. Phantasia’s two continents were pressed together, and cities were thrown across vast expanses of land. Cars and buildings were fused. The planet would never regain its cobalt shine, instead becoming a rusted brown like its sister Veritas.

Aetas suffered the least damage. Some of its forests and mountains were razed, consumed by noise and creating areas of deadly radiation, and some of its shining seas became horribly polluted with noise. Regardless, however, it was still a beautiful planet.

Veritas, oddly enough, benefitted from the light. Some of its bloodstained lands became abundantly fertile, and the waters of the planet became clear and safe to drink. Key mountain ranges were destroyed, allowing easier access for supplies to reach secluded areas.

Our story starts with a young man who lost his family and everything he loved to the light, and driven into the shadows by the hatred of others who wanted to blame someone for the light, who see his father as the source of the light. There are many that have laid in wait, laying plans for the use of the light over the seven years after it faded, and he is about to be dragged into their quarrels…
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