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Dr. Robotnik's Revenge

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Dr. Robotnik's Revenge

Post by Captain Levi on 2/23/2014, 10:49 am

This is  a story I had been thinking about doing for  a while, and Rocky helped me get t on its feet get it in motion, so here is the first chapter hope you all like it.  


A space station is in orbit behind one of the moons of planet Mobius. A dark room lights up from a monitor that came to life displaying Dr. Robotnik.  He is sitting in a wheel chair, and his clearly visible face is deformed and has scars all over.

A robotic voice speaks, "You three are my greatest creations...You will be the instruments that I will complete my dream through... and will get my revenge.”

Three pairs of crimson red eyes light up from the shadows as the robotic voice speaks again.

"Each of you are entrusted to take over Mobius and will kill sonic and his friends. General Rage, General Fury and General Wrath; each of you will build a base and continue my work for me. General Rage, you will build a base in the North in the Icecaps. You will begin construction on building an army to take over the planet once there. General Fury, you will build a base in the desert and you will house all the inhabitants that live there.  Make them work and build monuments; make them suffer.  Lastly… You,  General Wrath, you will kill Sonic and his friends before you build your base. You will show them the force of my Generals.  Welcome them to hell as it begins..."

The lights above the Generals turned on showing them off in all of their robotic glory.  General Rage is 6ft tall he machine, holding a big sniper rifle, and is equipped with a canon on his shoulder.  He is smallest of the 3, has silver armor, and has a metal mask covering his face to where only his eyes are visible.  To his side, General Fury is 6'4 ft tall, is very bulky with strong armor and has a gatling gun on top of each shoulder.  All kinds of compartments reside in his blood red armor, hiding other weapons, and his face has a evil and erie presence to it.  His eyes are cold and deadly.  Finally, General Wrath stands a total of 8ft tall and has a huge blade built into each arm could swing forward when he attacks.  In the palm of his hands are round silver disks that spin and when he puts his hands together they create a indestructible shield around his body.  On his back is a jet pack, and he has a Black helmet on his head so all you see are his red eyes.

Dr. Robotnik's robot voice comes on again and reports, "General Wrath build your base in the remains of a populated city. I am going to move the space station into Mobious's orbit so you can use the orbit beam but first you will get Sonic's friends out of hiding.”

General Wrath bowed and asked "Lord Robotnik, how can I get them out of hiding?”

A servant bot stepped forward holding a Chaos Emerald and the commanding robotic voice said, "I know how to get one out. Use this, and you will get at least one to kill.  Move out!”

With that, the room lit up behind the Generals showing a huge army behind them. General Wrath obtained 30 soldiers and flew down to a big city called 'Central City’.

As the ship landed General Wrath put the chaos Emerald into a little sack and flew off to find a spot to wait.  The robot General found a really tall building to stand on top of.  Upon this high pedestal, Wrath said to his soldiers, “Level the city!!"  The robot army separated and started laying waste to the city.  People screamed as they were gunned down, running out of buildings and trying to escape.  After an hour of destruction, General Wrath saw a blue plane flying in the middle of the chaos.  Something red also glided in and hit the ground with a loud bang.  All the soldiers started to move in and open fire as Knuckles charged towards the soldiers and began dodging all the rounds flying towards him.  The red echidna jumped and dove towards the closest robot, smashing its head in.  He used it as a shield as he ran towards another solder and tackled it, punching it to pieces.

Knuckles ran down a side street, and as he did he found 4 robots; quickly, he dove behind a car and tapped his intercom Tails gave him and yelled, "Tails! I need cover fire!"

Tails nose dived towards the street Knuckles was on, and opened fire on the robot soldiers.  Most of them didn't even have a chance to fire back before they dropped and blew up.  Knuckles started running forward as Tails flew over him and he banked left; Tails then saw a huge robot on top of a high building.  

Seeing General Wrath, Tails tapped his headset and called out, "Knuckles I think I found the leader of these Robots!  He is on top of the building with the radio hub.”

Knuckles zeroed in on the building as he ran for it.  He jumped up on it and started running up it as fast as he could.  He jumped into the building as he closed in on the roof and then he banged through a door and got to the stairs.  Once he reached the top, he busted threw the door to the roof, he looked around and saw General Wrath.

He saw the glowing bag he was holding and said, "Give me back the Chaos Emerald! You have no need for it!”

General Wrath looked at Knuckles and chuckled, "If I have no need for it… Then it won't do you any good.”

He dropped the Chaos Emerald on the ground and put his boot on it. Knuckles, infuriated, charged; he jumped up, did a front kick and nailed him dead center in the chest.  General Wrath took a step back, as Knuckles landed and grabbed the Emerald.  He then ran towards the edge of the building.  

Knuckles tapped his Intercom and hollered, "Tails i'm on the West end of the building!  Pick me up!"

Knuckles jumped off the building, and Tails flew down and scooped Knuckles up out of the sky on the tail of the plane.  Tails flew up over General Wrath as he made a U turn.  General Wrath looked up, and he rocketed up with a loud woosh as his jets kicked alive.  He flew up onto Tails' plane; General Wrath's blades opened up and flew forward just under his hands.  He swung his arms and cut the wings off Tail's plane.

The plane instantly nose dived as Tails hollered out, “Were going down! Jump!”

Knuckles quickly jumped off and Tails followed as the plane crashed into a building.  They landed on the roof of the neighboring building.  Knuckles got Tails' up and started for the door on the roof, when General Wrath landed right in front of them.

Knuckles put his arm out and stopped Tails. "Tails run!" Knuckles said growling. Tails turned for the edge of the roof.

General Wrath grabbed Knuckles by the head and threw him into the exit.  Knuckles screamed as he smashed into the door.  Tails jumped off and soared to ground level, but the robot General dove after the young pilot.  Tails turned around and saw General Wrath closing in.  He grabbed the fox and held him tightly and spun him around as they neared the ground.  He turned him back around to face him as he brought his blades forward and stabbed him.

He laughed menacingly, "Goodbye Tails!" as they smashed into the ground.

Tails laid motionless, as he started breathing fast and very heavy.  He looked up and saw the blade in his chest and General Wrath removing his helmet to reveal his atrocious face.  He smirked at him with his teeth as sharp as a shark’s.

The fox then laid his head back down and started to cough up blood as he spoke, "Knuckles....Knuckles will kill you…."

With that Tails' breathing slowed his eyes got heavy.  Suddenly he became cold… He slowly closed his eyes... Spending his final moments thinking of his friends, he drifted off and he was gone.

General Wrath pulled out his blade left in the body, placed his helmet back on, and flew back up to the roof.  He walked over to Knuckles, who just started to get back up.

General Wrath cackled and said, "Your friend thinks you're going to-“  He was cut off as Knuckles jumped and punched him in the face, when his helmet got knocked off.

General Wrath started freaking out as Knuckles saw his gross... burned... scared metal face.  Knuckles regretted punching him.

General Wrath grabbed him and smashed him back into the door and yelled, “You will wish you never did that.”

As he held Knuckles by his neck, he snatched the Chaos emerald out of Knuckles hand and forced it into the echidna's mouth.  He smashed it with a forceful punch.

“You're gonna feel this!” General Wrath said as he dropped the second body.  Knuckles started trying to crawl away, choking and gagging.  He started glowing green as the Chaos Emerald’s power burned through him; his body couldn't handle all the energy.  His red body started tearing apart and healing itself repeatedly, an endless form of torture.

General Wrath opened up a part of his arm and said into a microphone, "Bring us up and fire the orbital beam.”

Suddenly the General and his army were gone.  In the next instant, a huge blue beam hit the city and created a dome of bright energy around it.  A few people who were lucky enough to stay safe through all the carnage, made it to the edge of the city where the dome was at its limit.  They smacked the dome and all it did was make a little blue flash.  Knuckles made it close to the ledge of the roof and saw everyone crowding the wall trying to get out.  He tripped and fell against it and he opened his eyes and saw Tails bloody body.

Knuckles started weeping.  He then cried out, "I'm so sorry Tails! I wasn’t-“

Before he could finish, all that was left of Central City was just sizzling crater.
Captain Levi
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Re: Dr. Robotnik's Revenge

Post by RKRobot on 3/4/2014, 3:48 am

I think you know my opinions on it already, bro, but I think this is starting out pretty well.

Yeah, it's dark, different and a story on revenge - borderline kill fic - but that's not to say we don't have those already on the site.  XD  Our normal readers should be accustomed to this kind of thing!

I'm curious to see if this clearly competent villain (something many solid stories have) will succeed Robotnik's wishes and kill the rest of the heroes to come.

It's graphic, which is good for descriptive purposes, and full of action, which again, is normal for Geneforcers.  I can't really think of anything that it desperately needs right now.  ^_^
So far so good!  Keep it coming!

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Re: Dr. Robotnik's Revenge

Post by Captain Levi on 4/24/2014, 7:18 am

Sorry for the long wait everyone, Have had a whole lot going on right now. I am planning on getting more done soon hope you all can hold on a little longer!
Captain Levi
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Re: Dr. Robotnik's Revenge

Post by Sponsored content

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