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The GenuineForce Articles (AU Series)

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The GenuineForce Articles (AU Series)

Post by RKRobot on 2/8/2014, 2:48 am

This needed to be done because it's really hard to keep track of this many canons on the forums.  Please read the disclaimer and the story all the way through before scrolling down to the end due to spoilers.  Tell me what you guys think and hopefully I will have time to make more soon!  

or don't, I don't mind if you don't like it.  Or future updates.

Also, if you're not a very fast reader, this particular fic should probably take you about 20 minutes+ to get through. ^^;
Disclaimer: The following series of stories contains a noncanon, intentionally humorous and satirical representation of the New Geneforce Forums characters, locations, ideas, and themes. It is not meant to be taken seriously by either creator or casual reader.  No copyright infringement intended, since this is merely parodical by nature and does not wish to offend anyone.  Accepting the loosely connected canons is not recommended, but can be done so if desired.

The Genuineforce Articles:
Episode 1 - HeartWrecked

Valentine’s Day is a Earth holiday.  Any native to the planet, especially one who lives in a highly commercialized country, might recognize this day as the 14th of February, and it occurs once a year.  It is often referred to as a romantic couple’s day, but some despise this day as it might mock them and their lack of a relationship.  Either way, the tradition of chocolate-giving, card-passing and candle-lit-dinner-eating had formed from many various legends from days of old, and it seems as if it hasn’t tired out just yet.

Though, not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day.  If you’ve forgotten, this is a universe that withholds hundreds upon thousands of other life forms!  One of those life forms happened to be a lonely Lord who owned and lived upon a magical space rock that was lovingly named “Planet X-17”.

The Dark Mage, also known commonly as Lord Shadow Chris, was the ruler of this planet.  Like most overlords, Lord Chris had made himself a castle - an intelligent “living” kind of castle - to watch his world from.  Massive stone towers and walls surrounded him and provided the perfect protection from any type of intruder.  Not to mention that the hallways were not always easy to roam without an escort who knew where they were going.

However, if one somehow succeeded in going through all those dark and cold passages, one might end up in the throne room, where Lord Chris currently resided.  Clearly he was bored, slouching upon the seat of his throne.  His eyelids drooped, his frown spread across his muzzle and his ears flopped over sadly.  He began to kick rhythmically at his chair with the heels of his shoes, making a rather annoying tapping sound.  He rather liked it, but Xero, a red furred minion and close friend of the Dark Mage donned in metallic armor as always, found it to be quite irritating.  He was located on the one side of the large, empty room, filling a hole in the side of the wall with cement and matching stone.  As he frustratingly finished putting the last rectangle inside the open slot, he spun around to complain to his idiot- er, Lord and Master.

Xero: My Lord!

Chris stopped, perked his ears up and looked over, his expression slightly becoming more alive.  Xero paused.  Things like this scared him, mostly because while Chris would be quite open about his personal "feelings", he was still an unpredictable and mysterious being of darkness with incredible intellect.  This was one of the things that scared Xero to the core.

Xero: You don't... You don't have anything to do at the moment?

Chris: Neither do you.

A thin smile replaced the frown on Chris' face.  The red hedgehog cringed and looked away.

Xero: Yes, well, I was just going to ask you if you had anything for me?

Upon looking up after his question, Xero noticed Chris was no longer seated at the throne.  Panic settled in quickly, followed by a jump as the Lord appeared behind him and spoke, inspecting the repaired wall.

Chris: Mmm, nope.  Not right now.

Nodding off his attention from the wall, Chris then withdrew a small flip-calendar from a pocket of his pants.  Xero picked up the cement tools and mix.  Then, Chris exclaimed, clasping his gloved hand to the side of his spiny head.

Chris: What the-?!  Xero, what is this on my calendar?!

He showed it to the lackey.  The day was in Earth time: February 14.  The text below the big bolder numbers read "Valentine's Day".  Unsure of what they meant, since he wasn't exactly a walking dictionary, he spoke what might only make sense to Chris.

Xero: Words, sir?

Chris: Damn these words!  They're everywhere!  I order you to abolish all words from existence!

Xero: Not sure I can do that, but I suppose I'll give it a shot.  Do you know what they mean?

The mighty caped mage bit his lower lip and stared at the calendar in silence for a bit.  This gave Xero time to walk away and return the tools to their original location.  When he came back, the puzzled hedgehog in purple finally looked like he was done thinking, so Xero listened.

Chris: VALLLENTIIIINNZZZ DAAAY.  What a stupid name.  I would probably call it Chrisentine's Day, but that's just me.

Xero: Why not look it up?  I'm sure there's something to it, my Lord.

With that statement, Xero walked out of the room to get started on the elimination of wordkind, as instructed.  Chris, meanwhile, proceeded back to his large chair in the middle of the room, tossed the calendar aside in favor of something better.  With a swoosh of his hand, black and purple wisps of magic (without glittery sparkles, of course) formed a floating flatscreen computer monitor before him, the background image a handsome painted portrait of Chris dressed in royalty's garb signed by "Ikari".

Chris: Hmm... How should I begin?

He rested his chin on his hand, and his elbow on his knee.  With his powers, the Lord mentally picked up the mouse and opened up "UNINET", the personally-created version of Earth's widely popular internet.  The page appeared with a space backdrop, the logo appearing in green binary lettering.  In the search bar beneath the logo, Chris "clicked".  He spoke his question aloud.

Chris: What is Valentine's Day?

A speedy load displayed an error page.  The message that now appeared read...

"Sorry, my amazing and handsome Lord and Master, but you do not know what this is, so I do not have it in my data banks.  I am very sorry."

In rage, Chris stood up, smacked the computer aside in a blast of dust and smoke, and shouted.


The Dark Mage, lifting his hand into the air above, began to use his power to generate a black and purple swirling cloud.  The cloud spun faster and faster as Chris swiveled his wrist as such, producing lightning and static every second or so.  The mystical portal then began to yell...

The yells became louder and louder as several spouts of lightning hit the stony cold floor before the throne, and it was in this moment that one would discover that the yell was not one yell, but many!  Nine new figures blasted into existence from the lightning, and as soon as they appeared, Chris slowed his movements and finally halted them.  This was only one Chris' many abilities.

Each figure, slowly getting up from their grounded position, moaning from their massive headaches, was different; some by species, others by appearance, stature or gender.  Grinning, Chris greeted them simply.

Chris: So, I've gathered you all here on a special occasion.

The first to speak, fully standing and angrily pointing at the summoner was a crystal blue fox with a few thick spines coming from the back of his head, matched with red hair that topped on his cranium like a Maraschino cherry.  He was dressed in a red trench coat, loose black top and baggy black pants.  He seemed young in age, and he had no shame in sharing his frustrations in the form of an outburst.

Garm: Just who do you think you are, taking someone away from a most important time?!

To his right, a red fox with darker red locks upon his head and also wearing a dark costume complete with trench coat, looked up at the frazzled young boy.  He sighed as his tail flicked about, emoting along with his face.

Blastion: We were only in the middle of a game of Dangers and Draconics, Garm.

Garm: But father, my wounds will never be healed in time!

He whined to his parental guardian, who was still grounded and rolling his eyes at his child's behavior.

Blastion: Rearrange your priorities and help me up.

The older fox man was lifted from the floor by his reluctant offspring and brushed himself off, despite there not being any dust or dirt on this chilly floor.  He then looked around, not exactly noticing the others just yet.

Blastion: I know this place...

He then rested his eyes on his summoner.  It was one of his old bosses, Lord Shadow Chris, who had locked eyes with him and smiled as creepily as usual.  Well, less creepy than someone else that he knew, but luckily, he did not sense his presence.

Blastion: Lord Shadow Chris!  What are we doing here?!  What do you want with my family and I?!

Chris: I don’t want you.  I want your information.

The red fox backed up carefully, grabbed onto his slightly afraid son and held him close.  He knew this couldn’t be good.  Finally he got around to looking at who else had been stripped from their worlds and dimensions by the might of the Dark Mage.  One he surely recognized was his wife, Queen Luna of Iciaura!  She looked close in age to him, wearing a blue sleeveless dress, and thick icy spines as long and beautiful as ever.  Her golden lunar markings were very reflective in the bright light of the room.  Immediately, the fox men rushed to her side, lifting her onto her feet.  She limply fell into Blastion’s warm embrace and quickly regained consciousness.

Luna: Blastion… What happened?

He tried to hide his worry from her, but like many couples, she caught on regardless.

Blastion: We’ve been summoned for an unknown cause by the Shadow Lord.  Don’t worry though, he’s very much outnumbered.

With a faint gasp, Luna found Chris with her bicolored eyes stepping down from his throne.  She turned back to her son and husband, now much more awake than a few seconds ago.  She pulled away a little to prepare for any kind of battle.

Luna: Just what would he want with us?

She kept her eyes on him, but jumped as she noticed the familiar voice that suddenly spoke beside her.  She turned her head slightly to find none other than Xanthos!

Xanthos: Whatever it is, it won’t be fun.

Xanthos Ailuro, an electric yellow patterned with fluffy white and black patches of fur in some parts over his body, was not as old as they, which surprised him at first.  Apparently Shadow Chris had more power than any of them thought, pulling different beings from different times and planets.  Although the four were from different times, Blastion, Luna and Xanthos still acknowledged each other with a smile, glad he was there to help if they needed him.

Luna: Xanthos!

Blastion: It’s strange that you’re as young as you look.  I suppose, though, it will be beneficiary in the long run.

He chuckled, winding up his slightly older arms.  Garm rolled his eyes at his father’s lax levity.  Xanthos and Luna both nodded and smiled, but their attention was immediately deterred by the noise of someone falling behind them.  They quickly turned around; it appeared that a mysterious human creature donned in black and red torn clothing was helping up a red furred and blue haired creature off of the stone flooring.  The two were also of Iciaurian nature; the human had a native’s cold and pale skin with bright white long hair, which is what the long tailed furry being seemed to have tripped on; the furry creature had a fluffy body that looked thick and warm, perfect for the year round weather on that world.  What was quite interesting about these two, was that Luna recognized them both, while Blastion and Xanthos only had known of the one.  She called out to them both, hoping to get their attention, but Garm was still focused on the quickly arriving Chris, taking his time to meet his guests.

Luna: Dark!  Vaesyr!  Come here!

This certainly got their attention, as both beings, who also looked younger than the royal family, hurried up to her majesty, this time, watching where they were going.  Vaesyr then clasped his hands to Luna’s and held it for a short while.

Vaesyr: Luna, I promise I didn’t do anything wrong on purpose!  Please forgive me for what I may or may not have done!

Luna: What are you talking about?

Xanthos: Vaesyr, trust me, you didn’t do anything, even if you thought you DID do something.

Blastion: This is the work of a much more powerful being than the Fragments of our souls tied together.

Garm: Guys…?!

Garm chirped from in front.  As everyone immediately faced forward to meet the face of true evil and insanity.  Lord Chris stood before them, his arms crossed and his expression slightly miffed.  The stare down was awkward, even when it was six against one.  Chris finally broke the silence.

Chris: Welcome.  So, I gathered you all here today to-

Cut off by a magical gust of wind that was directly aimed at him, Chris angrily turned to the source.  The wind of course, did absolutely nothing but blow his white fluffy bangs to the side a little, but it also killed the mood.  Standing off to the side, when everyone turned to look, were the three other visitors: a green hedgehog in black pants, a yellow-orange young female hedgehog, and a tan hedgehog who did match the royal family in time (perhaps even slightly older than they) in a lavender tuxedo.  The green one, lowering his gloved hand, finally spoke out his reasoning.

Genesis: To destroy us all at once, of course!  That’s just like you, Chris.  I wouldn’t expect anything different from my own “dear” brother.

A few in the crowd were slightly shocked by the idea that such a powerful figure could be related to someone in their situation, but the purple hedgehog only grinned and freed his arms as he retorted.

Chris: That’s right, I forgot about you, Genesis.  Now, to forget you some more, here’s what’s going to happen.

The dramatic pause had everyone but the eldest female in the room holding their breath.  She almost seemed to smile at the menacing look in the Dark Mage’s eyes.

Chris: We’re going to play a game.  There are really no rules, but gimme a second to set the stage.

Much like before with the computer, Lord Chris used his evil magic powers to warp everyone before him, lined up according to relation.  He manifested a long wooden table in front of them, and chairs beneath to sit on.  Small red buzzer-like objects appeared in the empty table space they were given.  Everyone triple blinked, making sure this wasn’t an illusion or a dream.  The Dark Lord was asking everyone to play some kind of a game - a game-show styled game, it appeared - with some “friends” of his?  What sorcery was this?!

Before Chris could open his mouth to speak again, a few voices of objection rang in the air.

Dark: You can’t keep us here just to play a stupid game!  Some of us have important jobs to return to!

He gestured towards the Queen and King of Iciaura, the red fox and blue hedgehog nodding frantically in agreement.  But Chris snapped his fingers at the remark.  Instant silver chains and handcuffs now wrapped around everyone’s wrists, tight and attached to the buzzer.  Garm shot Dark an angry look, believing that he made things even worse.  Then the young blond hedgehog cried from far right end of the table.

Emily: But Chris, this isn’t fair!  Why just us?!  Why not Juliet, too?!

She was speaking of her older sibling, who was not there with them.  Sarcastically, Chris responded, laughing, and then continued on with his plans.

Chris: Who?  Heh, ANYWAY, the game we’ll be playing today is a guessing game.  If I like your answer, I’ll keep it and use it for myself.  Oh, and you might get a prize or something.

The last part bewildered Genesis and Blastion, who both knew that Chris never gave away free stuff unless it was deadly.  This was going to be very interesting indeed, they both thought to themselves.  The Dark Mage proceeded, carelessly walking up and down the table and occasionally looking at his contestants.

Chris: Alright, your first question!  What… is Valentine’s Day?

Dead silence.  Looks either appeared puzzled or deep in thought.  Chris reared back in surprise.  

Chris: Come on!  Does no one know?!

No one spoke up.  The Lord raged.

Chris: Hello?!  Valentine’s Day!  Earth holiday?  February 14th?!  Holy me, you people really gotta get out more!

Finally someone spoke up - the long haired human.

Dark: Can we get a hint?  A clue of some kind?

Suddenly he was decked in the face with the small pocket calendar from earlier, thrown by horrible host.  Chris justified his actions with a scream.

Chris: You MUST use your buzzer before you speak, always!  And if I had any hints, I wouldn’t even need you!

The injured member on the board quickly resonated with everyone, livening up their minds with possibilities and potential answers.  At last, Luna smashed her hand to the buzzer, which excited Chris for the answer.

Luna: I just remembered, we have a day similar to that on our home world!  It’s called something different, but I believe it’s a day of love and romance!  Quite magical and special, in my opinion!

A collective “ohhhh” was heard across the table, as while many worlds had their own traditions based on this positive emotion, not many called it “Valentine’s Day”, much like Luna said.  Chris enthusiastically congratulated her, pointing in her direction.

Chris: Brilliant!  I’ll take it!  Congratulations, Luna!  Here’s your take-home prize: 5000 Funland Tokens!

Everyone clapped, their chains clinking and clanking along with the noise, and just as everything seemed to go well for Luna, as she looked around excitedly for her prize, a large black cauldron filled to brim with the X-17 currency appeared just above her head.  She looked up, but upon doing so, the pot began to pour down over her body, the coins piling on top of her completely.  Blastion and Garm screamed for her in unison, but when they tried to move to go help her, the chains were impossible to break and their seats and legs were impossible to move.  The coin pile where Luna would have been was silent.  The blue fox boy began to cry, and Blastion tried to melt his way out of his bindings, but stopped when he remembered that Chris’ magic was stronger than anything he could compete with.  Especially on his own without an outside power source to give him backup.  Finally, the tan hedgehog, after pressing the buzzer of course, spoke up to this shocking turn of events.

Ikari: Chris, don’t you think that’s a bit much?  It’s not gonna do you wonders for the economy OR her bones.  I would have at least gone in the more electric direction.

The cat quickly whispered from the left of her, not caring to hit the buzzer to potentially give him any more ideas.

Xanthos: Unfortunately, he has to choose something a bit more universal than that…

Not even phased by the crushing of the Iciaurian Queen, Chris answered his friend and then promptly resumed the game.

Chris: Ikari, you always forget how rich I really am!  It’s how I can afford your art and my new radio show coming in the summer at the same time!  I could have given her more, really, but I still need more information from the rest of you.  Now, what do we do on Valentine’s Day?

Scrambling inside their minds for ideas, the remaining eight had to think of something to say if they were ever going to end this torture, but no one wanted to end up like poor Luna at the far left end of the table.  Quickly hitting the buzzer before speaking, Dark, still rubbing his head where he was attacked, spoke first.

Dark: You confess your feelings to your loved ones.

Before Chris could grade this answer, Emily buzzed in with something to add.

Emily: But that’s stupid!  Why tell someone you love them on just one day?  Tell them you love them every day, like I do!

Garm quickly buzzed in to retort, wiping any remnants of tears away with his long sleeves.

Garm: Then the day should never exist and this whole thing is pointless, so let’s go home now!

At last the host interjected.

Chris: Ah, but it does, so it must be good for something!  I like both these answers, but I think I need something more.

Smacking the buzzer just as Chris finished speaking, Xanthos had an additional suggested answer.

Xanthos: Then this is obviously a special bonding day where love among couples is strongest and valued more highly than before!

Liking this one the best, Chris once again pointed at his target with the same shout as before.

Chris: Yes, that one!  5000 Funland Tokens to Xanthos!

The cat shook violently, covering his head, scarred that he will suffer the same fate as Luna, but when nothing fell, he opened his tightly shut eyes and peered around.  His eyes finally met with a large black canon pointed directly at him, the sound the fuse running ringing in his ears.

Xanthos: Oh shi—

Blasted with 5000 gold coins by the magical canon, the cat was cleanly swept from his seat and shackles as he and the tokens collided with the back wall.  Once again, the pile quickly covered his body, and the other seven began to worry.  Once again, Ikari interjected this “reward”, buzzing in first.

Ikari: Was that really necessary?!  Two coin piles in the same sitting?  Yeah, it’s evil and really entertaining, but any more times and you’re going to over do this joke.

The green hedgehog, one who rivaled with the interrogater quite often, buzzed after her, giving her a really nasty look as he spoke his feelings on the matter.

Genesis: The both of you are really sick, you know that?!

Ikari: I’m not sorry that I disgust you.

Genesis: And I’m not sorry you deserve to be treated like scum.

Ikari: And I’m not sorry you look like scum.

Genesis: And I’m not sorry you are the hideous embodiment of scum!

The buzzing frenzy really annoyed everyone, especially the host, who was about to solve the problem.

Chris: If they can’t behave like normal hedgehogs, then I guess we have to let you go…

Refusing to let up on the buzzing, both Genesis and Ikari were sucked down through specially placed trap doors after a snap from Chris’ fingers.  Emily shouted down after them, worried about where they went, but the stone floors slowly closed themselves back into place as if nothing had ever happened.  The young girl began to softly cry, REALLY not wanting to play anymore.  Vaesyr, Dark, Garm, and Blastion couldn’t blame her, as they momentarily watched her cover her face with her hands and weep.  The sad truth was that this hell wasn’t over, yet.

Chris: Maybe I over did it with the buzzers…  Oh well!  Next question!  How do couples express their romances on Valentine’s Day?

Knowing that none of the remaining youngsters had not likely experienced this day, Blastion reluctantly let his hand drop on the red sensor, wincing when he told Chris what he thought they did.

Blastion: On this day, even though I believe it should be for every day you spend with that significant other, you are especially generous enough to provide gifts that please one another, or share life experiences with them through travel…

It took Chris a little while to process that answer, but since no one had anything particularly better to offer as rebuttal, the Dark Mage quickly muttered his agreement and prize, snapping his fingers on his other hand for once.

Chris: Yeah, that works.  10,000 Funland Tokens, because why not?

Before Blastion could gasp, he was chair less and on top of the table and being crumpled into a tight ball capsule.  Garm frighteningly watched as his father began to float in the air and a large 9-iron golf club made of tokens magically appeared in line with the Blastion-ball.  The token-club teed off the fox straight into the opposite wall of Xanthos, shattering the ball as the club melted coins onto his body in the familiar shape of a pile.  Chris shook his head as he turned back to the final four.

Chris: Ikari’s wrong for once - that’s still really funny!  Sadly, we’re down to our final question.

No-longer-weeping Emily, shivering Vaesyr, sweating Dark and teary Garm all looked up, still quite frightened and nervous for what was to come.  Chris opened his mouth once more.

Chris: What… would you get someone for Valentine’s Day?

Wide eyes met with the Lord’s calm ones.  Was he serious?  He just wanted to know their opinions?  This had to be a trick, thought Dark.  It seemed too good to be true, idealized Garm.  There was something less menacing about this question, but could this be real, Vaesyr hoped to himself.  To their surprise though, Emily was the first to answer.

Emily: Something that means something important to you both, like a memory or a personalized card or favorite thing!

There was something confident in her answer that Chris liked, smiling after she finished.  She ducked, nervously, but to her surprise, she was unchained.  The boys gasped.  Emily could also get up from her seat, so thrilled to do so that she actually tripped over herself on the way off of it.  She looked back at Chris before fully getting to her feet.

Chris: The door’s right there.  Go ahead.

Without a “thank you” or one of Emily’s usually grateful statements, she ran like the wind for the large wooden doors that exited the throne room.  Just as she was about grasp the handle, the giant doors transformed into 50,000 Funland Tokens.  Even when she tried to run backward to escape, the same old pile collapsed onto her body, silencing her short-lived mercy scream.  Quickly returning their attention to the creepily grinning Dark Mage, the trio hoped that their “rewards” would be something small and easy to recover from.  A slow and deadly gaze laid upon Vaesyr.  He wanted him to speak next, buzzing in of course.

Vaesyr: I-I-I would likely give them something fun, t-to make their day more memorable and fitting with the mood, like a toy!

The creepy stare tilted towards Dark next.  Nothing happened to Vaesyr, which only worried the fluffy creature even more.  The pale human was now dripping from head to toe in his own sweat, swallowing before buzzing and speaking.

Dark: I would not bother with material objects, and instead devote all my attention and feelings towards that person!

The final, breathless stare of the Dark Mage turned towards young Garm.  He came prepared, almost waiting for this moment to say his true feelings on the matter, but was still scared out of his mind.  His heart pounded, his mouth was dry, and his lower half shook with fear.  He pressed the buzzer.

Garm: Nothing, because I don’t care for confectionary holidays and refuse to let myself fall victim to this zombie-creating insipid method of giving personal time and money to someone who might not even remember your name after they’re through with you!

The purple hedgehog snapped out of his scare-mode, shaking his head at the last response and questioning it in a very relaxed manner.

Chris: Really?!  Wow, didn’t think a kid like you would care that much about hating a day on a calendar.  Oh well.  Congrats to you three!  You won the grand prize of 100,000 Funland Tokens!

In a swift and magical wave of his arms, Chris manifested a long and massive, one-handed curved sword into his hand, much like everything else, made of golden tokens.  He readied himself, aiming for all three remainders.  A group yell began as they panicked, trying their very hardest to escape, even thought it was no use.  Chris then opened his mouth to say one final thing.

Chris: Thanks for playing.

The sharp slice was the last thing he remembered before waking up, feeling the sweat drip down his cool head.  He felt up and down his body, making sure he wasn’t hurt or anything of the sort, and pinched himself on the arm before making sure that he was back in reality.  His heavy breathing slowed and he wiped his eyes clear of any tears that may have developed in his ducts.  Xero refused to go back to sleep after that nightmare… unless…

He got up, not worrying about all the excess on his armor and jogged down the long and dark halls until he got to the throne room.  The first thing he noticed was that the doors were still there, but opened up.  Tokens were no where to be found, and the floors looked trap-doorless.  No tables, no chairs, and thankfully, no buzzers were nearby either as he slowly approached Chris on his throne.  As he left him, the Dark Lord was still on his computer, sighing heavily as he tried to actually do some research on the wretched day.  When he was finally close enough to his Master, he spoke up.

Xero: My Lord?

Chris: Whaaaat…?

He sounded irritated.  His searching must have been less than successful so far.  The red hedgehog brushed back his frazzled spines and offered up a deal.

Xero: …Wanna switch jobs?

The caped hedgehog stopped mid-sigh and then snapped his fingers.  Xero was now on the throne, teleported in place of the Lord, who was now on the floor, stretching his arms and legs.

Chris: Sounds good to me!  And now, to destroy all wordkind!

Watching him head out the open doorway, Xero shook his head lightly and smiled, very glad that his IDIOT overlord wasn’t as insane as he thought he’d be.  What he couldn’t see, as he left the room, was Chris’ very sinister grin and dark flare in his eyes, and the sound of the final set of screams resonating within his eardrums.

Thank you all for reading and checking out my first finished, written contribution to the site of the new year!  I don't want every story I write from this point on to be similarly themed because that would be boring, but I wanted to try something very different from what I normally do.  I'm sorry If I offend or hurt anyone's feelings or misused everything, but don't say I didn't warn you.  

Next update should be sometime between now and march.


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Re: The GenuineForce Articles (AU Series)

Post by Genesis on 2/10/2014, 1:36 pm

Really thought this was funny, loved every second of it and you really captured Chris's crazy. Cant wait to read more.

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Re: The GenuineForce Articles (AU Series)

Post by RKRobot on 3/3/2014, 4:06 pm


Here's the Prologue to it if you're curious.
I think this series is just gonna get really dark, really fast.  JUST A WARNING IF YOU WANNA STOP READING BECAUSE HORRIBLENESS

Disclaimer: The following series of stories contains a noncanon, intentionally humorous and/or satirical representation of the New Geneforce Forums characters, locations, ideas, and themes. It is not meant to be taken seriously by either creator or casual reader.  No copyright infringement intended, since this is merely parodical by nature and does not wish to offend anyone.  Accepting the loosely connected canons is not recommended, but can be done so if desired.

Oh, by the way, this is canon to the first chapter.
Episode 2 Prologue: Go Mean For Green

To become passionate about something you care about - is that not what life is all about?  If you want to help or protect something, what stops you or gets in your way?  Is it wrong to kill for something you love?  Can you let it go?  Is there maybe another way?

If this applies to you, you are not alone.  Upon the leafy green surface of a planet called Tropic, a young woman had been going through that very crisis for many months.  As a superhuman with incredible powers and skills, Rocky Kaos was given a position of power by the Government of Cornucopia for 8 years now.  Many past experiences she went through, however, finally took their mental tolls and insanity enveloped her.  Her family became worried and her friends, frightened.

It happened just a few months ago, on a day where the Government's headquarters had issued another assignment for her; a terrorist attempted assassination on a Kokogenor (Governor).  Rumors and threats about another possible attack on the same figure reared up, and the Political Protection Agency of Cornucopia wasn't about to miss catching this guy.  Rocky was immediately sent to Plummington, a large, yet normally quiet state, and known for its ports, piers and trade.  The Kokogenor was about to change some of the import and export policies, and it was believed that the terrorist didn't like any of it.

Rocky arrived on scene, still in heavy depression whilst trying to do what she's always dreamed of: crime fighting.  Before she had left, some tried to stop her, claiming she was unstable and ill prepared for any possible outcomes, but Rocky and Tori determined that this might help “wake her up”.  Who would argue with incredibly capable superheroes?

After much searching in the area the suspect was last seen, a neighborhood where various connections to the Kokogenor had lived with their families, Rocky found him.  He was a middle aged Kokuman, armed with a stocked up hunting rifle and a set of explosives, somewhat visible from his jacket.  All Rocky had to do was arrest him and make sure everyone was safe.  Everyone, including the nature she was so fond of.

In recent months, Rocky had become more so fascinated with her Geokinesis, the power to move, manipulate and change the terrain and the living plants that grew from the planet's the surface.  She had this ability from birth, and even though it threatened her life by the age of 5, she had conquered her wilting via robotic implants; ever since, she had respected the botanical life more so than any other living being, including herself.

After hunting and stalking the criminal until she felt he was cornered against a metal fence, Rocky engaged in defensive battle, trapping the Kokuman in the ground by the feet with her special stone encasing ability.  Surprised by this disabling move, he had spun around to the best he could and aimed his weapon at the heroine, hurting his twisting ankles.  She put up her softly glowing gloved hands to try and calm him down, but she was equally prepared to put up a wall of rock like a bullet-proof shield.  Despite her less than concerned expression, her voice reflected great nervousness and worry for this crazy guy and their surroundings.

Rocky: You have a minute to surrender, and if you don't... I've been ordered to bring you back to the capital, no matter what.

She had withdrawn a set of black sizable handcuffs from the back of her belt and showed them to him; this freaked him out a little more, and he quickly reached for the explosives under his jacket.  She didn't have the minute to get this situation under control.  Instead of finishing the remaining 15 seconds, Rocky felt pressured to make her next move.  In five of those 15 moments, she had lifted up another chunk of the ground and had it surround the gun from trigger and tip.  When the Kokuman realized all he had left was the explosives on his body, Rocky had released her grip on his feet and aimed to grapple his hands, which were scrambling for the bombs.  He really didn't want to be taken in.  She didn't want to let him get away.  The result took them both to pieces.

Rocky had failed to catch his arms in the short instant she had before he lit the fuse.  Because his feet were free, he ran away and over the fencing she cornered him into.  Inside that fence was a inner city park and playground for the neighborhood families.  Rocky knew what was at risk now more than ever, and she ripped her way through the fence with her raw strength, and dashed after him.  She aimed to trip him and catch him mid fall so he wouldn't activate the bomb.  The trip was successful, sliding a heavy chunk of terrain away from his foothold.  The fall, however, had pierced right into the explosives and...

No one had been hurt.  No one but the Kokuman and the park's plant life, that is.  Rocky was fine, but even though she stopped the being from attacking the Kokogenor, she had let life die.  Her clean streak had been decimated at the same instant the body parts scattered across the field.  She had failed her personal mission.

Rocky had tried not to focus on the loss of not only the Kokouman’s life, but defenseless botanical creatures as well; she didn't eat, sleep and barely moved for the following days and was sent to a special clinic to get help.  Her sister was the most worried of them all, hoping that her best friend, her dearest relative would move on and return to her old self.

She never did.

Instead, Rocky had been overcome by a familiar feeling - an evil so great inside of her that her outer body could no longer hold it in.  Her body had transformed, her mind had been altered and even her voice had increased in pitch.  Rocky took her new self and destroyed the facility that held her, and resurrected it as her new place of operation.  All because of the final straw that broke the girl's back.

She had turned as many friends and family members into trees as she could find, as a "thank you" for the many times they had helped her in her young life.  She had kept them safe in a secret garden.  Rocky was to make sure she would protect them, but that they also wouldn't try to stop her in her new quest.

This quest would destroy all mortal life on Tropic, so that she, nor anyone else could destroy the precious plant life she cherished with all her heart.

Thankfully for Tropicans, it would take quite a while before the Supreme Overlord Kaos had destroyed every single being on the surface of the planet.

Some were forced to rebel, others fled completely.

Kane the Komodo Dragon wanted to stand and fight.


I should get the actual story finished soon.  Sorry for waits...


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