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Re: SpellThief

Post by Zazul on 3/19/2014, 9:17 pm

Rayze: *he groans and tries to sit up* Hey...Don't count me out yet...*as he gets up more, The Doctor's white mask flashes in his vision. He yells out and falls back down*

Shen: *he goes back to healing the groaning Rayze* It would seem that The Doctor's attack also caused psychological damage. He won't be going anywhere for a few days. The fact he survived that fight in the first place is a miracle.

Arcadian: *he punches his own armored hands and squeezes his fist, the bones and armor making a metallic cracking and creaking.* I swear, if I ever see that masked freak again, I'll put a bullet through his brain and heart and everywhere else! I'd like to see him walk away from that!

Sergio: *he thinks to himself a bit* Kiria...*finally, he looks up* Skullmantle Pharmaceuticals has one of the most advanced security systems in the galaxy. Getting in there will be tough. Normally, I would just remote hack it, but their firewall is too strong. You'd need to get a relay hacking spike into the actual server room so I can hook up to the system directly.

Arcadian: But it is doable, right?

Sergio: Yes. But Catia, it will be very dangerous. And if that sniper guy from before is there, you'll have some trouble.
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Re: SpellThief

Post by ShadowFantasy on 3/20/2014, 3:43 am

Catia:  *She gives off a flaming aura filled with anger*  If that rat with the sniper rifle is there I'm going to kill him.  End of discussion.  As for your stupid hacking spike, consider it done.  I won't allow this betrayal of my trust from my supposed employer's any longer, especially not when innocent life gets hurt because of it!  *She looks at Sergio, her anger burning honestly in her eyes* Get your crap together.  We're going on a trip.  *She goes to take her own advice and gathers her things before rejoining the others*
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