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Aura Wake Short Story: The Epic of Orenstein

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Aura Wake Short Story: The Epic of Orenstein

Post by Zazul on 10/5/2012, 12:03 am

Welcome, fans of Aura Wake, to a short story detailing the past of the Celestial Faith's Ten Commandments member, Dragonslayer Orenstein. This is the tale of how a Gold-Armored Fortesian boy went from being a mere son of a Merchant, to a Squire for one of High King Delques' personal knights, to a Dragonslayer Knight, to finally a member of the most elite Mage-Hunting group in the galaxy!

~Icecrown, The Continent of Fortesia, the city of Sericues.~

*A tamed Tropical Screech howls in the distance, signaling first light. Almost immediately, the people began to stir in the market place, setting up their stalls or getting ready to go about their day. In one such shop, Felonious and Son's Master Rune Blade Maker, a young Fortesian boy stirs from his bed on the second floor. The boy sits up out of his bed and yawns. He has bright golden armor that resembles an English Knight's armor, with two metal fan-like earpieces on the sides of his head. He cracks his neck and rises up. Then, a voice calls down from below in the shop.*


Orenstein: *the boy nods and runs down. Standing behind the front desk of the Rune Blade shop is a tall purple Fortesian. His armor shines, but also has a certain dullness to it, like the Fortesian man had seen more years than most. Orenstein walked over to him as he grabbed a Shopkeeper's apron and tied it over his armor* I'm ready, Father.

Felonious: Alright then, boy. Open the shop up.

Orenstein: *he opens the door to the shop. Immediately, Icecrownians of all races rush in. They were clad in armor as well as kimono-like robes, the robes of Summoners, who used the Rune Blades. Then, it happened. The crowd in the shop, who was once bustling, stopped dead. In strode six large Fortesians in light lavender armor with black trim. On their armor was a red sun painting. The customers began to chatter among themselves*

Customer 1: The Centari Maxima....

Summoner 1: They're members of the Gaia and Icecrown elite army...what are they doing out here?

Customer 2: I have a weird feeling about this..

*then, in strode two Fortesians in black armor with silver trim. Their armor was more regally defined through the use of magic. In their hands were Rune Blades.*

Customer 1: The High King's personal bodyguard as well!

*finally, in strode a man with long silver hair. He wore ice blue Summoner's robes and kept his left arm hidden under the robes in a sling with bandages. On his side was a long Rune Blade with blue Runes. The man's eyes were bright gold and calculating, like a wolf on the hunt, or like a Vampire trying to discern everything around him.*

Felonious: H-H-High King Delques Bane!

*everyone, including Orenstein, dropped to their knees and kept their heads low*

Delques: Haha! Rise, good people. I am simply a patron here, the same as you. *he strode over to Felonious* I hear tell you are one of the best Rune Blade Smiths in Fortesia, Felonious. Is this true?

Felonious: I am but a humble merchant, my king.

Delques: I see. Well then, I would like to place a purchase. I need twenty of your finest Rune Blades. We'll be binding them to some powerful Spirits of Nature next week to give to new Initiate Summoners that I am training for the army. Can you do this for me, friend?

Felonious: Y-Yes my king! Of course!

Delques: *he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bag full of gems* Fifty nine Sovereign Gems. I know it is more than what is required to pay, but you are doing me a great service, and I plan to equalize it with great compensation.

Felonious: Oh thank you, my king! Thank you so much!

*in the back of the shop, one of the members of Delques' bodyguard is looking at a Rune Blade knife. He then looks around, picks up the knife, and tucks it away under his tunic over his armor. The only one to spot this, however, is Orenstein.*

Delques: Well then, I shall be taking my leave, good sir. I shall sent one of my Centari here in a week's time to retrieve the wares. Good fortune and long life to you, Felonious. *he turns and exits the store*

Felonious: Good fortune, my king!

Orentstein: *His eyes show that he is angry. That man, even if he is a bodyguard to the High King, just stole a dagger that Orenstein himself had made. He ran out of the shop after the High King's group.*

Felonious: Orenstein?! Where are you going, boy!?

*finally, Orenstein caught up to the group*


Delques: *he and his group stop. All of the people in the market gasp and form a circle around the scene. It appeared that a boy had just called the High King a thief. Delques then turned around and faced Orenstein* I have not stolen anything or wronged you, my boy. And yet you call me a thief? This puzzles me...

Orenstein: Not you, High King, I call your bodyguard over there *he points at the bodyguard* a thief. He stole a Rune Dagger from my father's store. A dagger I made. And I would see justice done.

Bodyguard: HA! I did not, you runt! You may be a Gold Armored, but since you live as a merchant caste, you are lower than me! And I say I did not steal anything!

Orenstein: I repeat. You are a thief and now a liar!

*The entire crowd gasps*

Delques: This is a bold accusation, young one. You know what will happen if you continue, correct?

Orenstein: That by right of justice, I must fight the accused since I am the accuser. I know the law well, my king.

Delques: So then, do you continue to press this charge?

Orenstein: I do.

Delques: *he turns to his bodyguard* This is your last chance. If you did it, reveal the dagger and return it to our young friend here. I will then deal with your punishment. However, if you are willing to fight and harm a child, then do so. But know that I will NOT take kindly to the harming of a young boy. Either way, you are not getting out of this easy.

Bodyguard: ....I did not do it, and this brat is a liar!

Delques: Then prove it. *delques snaps his fingers and the Centari Maxima brandish their weapons and hold them out* Each of you shall take a weapon from my Maxima to battle each other. As High King, I shall judge the victor. Boy, what is your name?

Orenstein: Orenstein, my king. Son of Felonious.

Delques: Then, Orenstein, choose your weapon.

Orenstein: *he glances around the circle of Maxima, and locks his eyes onto a spear. He had practiced in his free time with how to wield a spear. He walks over and takes the spear politely from the Maxima's hand*

Maxima 1: Give him hell, boy.

Orenstein: *he nods and steps over*

Bodyguard: *he draws his own blade and he and Orenstein begin to circle each other. He tosses his blade from one hand to the other, his eyes saying that he's smiling cruelly at Orenstein* Come then, boy. Show me if you have the heart of a true Fortesian under that polished gold tin you call armor!

Orenstein: *he keeps calm and then thrusts froward, only to have the bodyguard knock the spear away. Orenstein jumped back and kept on his toes. Above them, Screeches began to circle.*

Bodyguard: *he gestures up at the Screeches* See them, boy? They've never tasted Gold Fortesian before. I think they'll find you tasty!

Orenstein: *he needed to be on his toes. But, he realized something. The older Fortesians, who had thick armor, were stocky in their movements, while Orenstein, who had been born with lighter armor, was limber and flexible. He takes a deep breath and then dashes at the Bodyguard*

Bodyguard: *he tries to slice at Orenstein*

Orenstein: *he rolls to the side and brings the spear's blade upwards. The Bodyguard cries out in pain as his sword-wielding hand is severed from his arm. The hand lands and the bodyguard clutches the stump. He bends over in pain an out drops the dagger from his tunic.*

Delques: Well well well, what do we have here? *he walks over to the dagger and picks it up. He then looks at his bodyguard.* You stole, lied to your king, and tried to murder a child? *he looks over to the Centari Maxima* Get this piece of filth out of my sight. Lock him away. *the Maxima walk over and drag the former bodyguard away. Delques then walks over to Orenstein* That was spectacular, my boy. I have only ever seen that kind of skill in a Knight of the Crimson Dawn, my personal order of Knights.

Felonious: *he runs through the crowd* ORENSTEIN! ORENSTEIN!

Orenstein: Father!

Felonious: What happened?!

Delques: Calm yourself, good Felonious. You son just bested one of my bodyguards by cutting the stealing twit's hand off. You should be very proud. Young Orenstein here shows great promise. I was wondering actually if he would perhaps be interested in becoming a Squire to one of my Knights of the Crimson Dawn, until such time that he either resigns from service, or is Knighted himself?

Orenstein: *he beams. The thought of joining the Knights of the Crimson Dawn, who were known for heroic deeds, great honor and respect, and most importantly, admirable service to the High King, made Orenstein feel accomplished.*

Felonious: It is up to you, Orenstein. You're a man now. And I have nothing left to offer except the life of a Merchant.

Orenstein: *he walks over to his father and places his hand on his father's shoulder* Father, you have raised me well. But now, as is the destiny of a Golden Fortesian, I must choose my own path. But still, thank you for everything.

Felonious: *he wipes a tear from his armored face*

Orenstein: *he turns to Delques and kneels* My king, I am yours to command.

Delques: *he places his hand on Orenstein's shoulder* All members of the Knights of the Crimson Dawn are those I consider close to me. You need not kneel to me, young Orenstein. *he helps Orenstein rise and smiles at him* Brother to Brother, yours in life and death.

Orenstein: *his eyes give the image that he is smiling and he nods* Brother to Brother, yours in life and death.
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Re: Aura Wake Short Story: The Epic of Orenstein

Post by Zazul on 10/8/2012, 12:09 am

~One Year Later~

*Orenstein, now 16, is in the stables of the Sanguine Hold, home of the Knights of the Crimson Dawn, located on the continent Bloody Mesa. Orenstein stabs a pitchfork into a large pile of hay and throws it into the animal pens. The sounds of Pygmy Mammagons, which are small, horse sized mammoth beasts used by the Knights as mounts. Orenstein then stands up and breaths out, steam escaping from the slits in his armored exoskeleton. Over his armor, he wore a crimson tabard with the symbol of a three red swords rising like a sun over a mountain peak with rays of red light coming off of them. Orenstein was now a full-fledged squire under Sir Orbaz, one of the High Knights of the Crimson Dawn. These High Knights were the ones that met with the High King to receive heroic deeds needing doing, review accomplishments, and feasted. As Orenstein wipes the condensed steam from his armor, a deep voice calls to him*

???: Orenstein! That's enough hay for today! Come, the meeting is about to start and I want you there by my side! *the speaker was a tall Fortesian in deep emerald armor with blue trim, a Mohawk of horns going down his helmeted head. On the man's armor was a tabard similar to Orensteins, orn much more regal and having cloth shoulder coverings. This was Orenstein's mentor, Sir Orbaz Bloodleague, named for his deeds in the Battle of the Orc Tribes when Warboss Sledgeface had amassed the Orc Tribes into one large fighting force. Sir Orbaz had slayed so many Orcs that the snow beneath his feet for at least a league around him was deep crimson.*

Orenstein: Yes, my lord! *he stands up and runs after Orbaz as the knight strides into the keep. Inside the keep, there is a large room with a round table. On the table is the symbol shown on the tabards of the Knights. Around the table were 20 seats and one throne. All of the knights and their squires had gathered. As Orbaz sat down, the door burst open and in strides High King Delques, flanked by two Centari Maxima. Delques sits at the throne and waves his hand, signaling the other knights to sit at ease.*

Delques: So then, my brothers, here we are gathered again to enjoy a meal, and tell of deeds bold and true. Who shall be the first to speak?

*one of the knights stands and nods to the High King*

Delques: Ah, Sir Eglamor, you may speak, Brother.

Eglamor: The other day, in one of the many Vampire Settlements, I was riding when I heard that the local mayor's daughter had been taken by an Orc Warboss. I immediately set out to find the Orc Tribe, and find them I did. I stormed into the camp, armed with only my Saw Ax and Bolter Pistol, and I fought the Green Skins to the last man! I then kicked down the scrap metal door to the Warboss's quarters, and there was the girl, not but only the tender age of 19. The Warboss was about to attempt to have his way with the girl, but I easily bested the Green Skinned behemoth and was able to return the girl to safety, her pride and virtue still intact. When they offered me gold, silver, and women, I declined and said "A Knight's duty is to serve his people. I require no compensation for doing the good people of Icecrown this service." And with that, I rode back to the keep!

*the knights all clap and cheer*

Delques: Very good, Sir Eglamor! A deed most worthy of a Knight of the Crimson Dawn. Who is next?

*Sir Orbaz stands*

Delques: Sir Orbaz! Yet another tale of bravery from one of our best!

Orbaz: I had heard rumor that a group of traveling Werewolf and Fortesian merchants had been captured by a group of K'davei who were under the influence of The Unclean One, Ul'kaer. I was able to locate the ruins and infiltrate, right as the Necrotic Droids were about to sacrifice the merchants to Ul'kaer and summon and Demon of Pestilence into the world. I smote down all K'davei in my path, but not before a merchant lost his life at the hands of one of the priests...the demon entered this plane of existence. But it was not here for long. I faced the monster in single combat, and drove its wretched essence back into the Warp from whence in came. And so, after rescuing the surviving merchants, I took the Demon's head and placed it upon a pike outside the ruins, as a warning to those who would try to enter it and as a reminder of the strength of the Crimson Dawn. I then raised my spear, and cried out "For the dead, for the Crimson Dawn, and blood for the Blood God!" I then returned to the keep, but not before making a grave and performing proper burial rites for the merchant who lost his life in those ruins. May his wares please the God Emperor in the afterlife!

*the knights and High King all rose, clapped, and cheered loudly. Orenstein beamed at Orbaz. Out of all the Knights, Orenstein admired Orbaz the most. Not just because he was Orenstein's teacher and mentor, but because Orbaz was easily the bravest and truest of all the Knights in the keep.*

Delques: Again, you amaze us with your valor, Sir Orbaz!
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