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Two Becomes One: Rise of the Maxima

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Two Becomes One: Rise of the Maxima

Post by Zazul on 7/4/2012, 11:00 am

Icecrown Inquisition checking in. Status update, Gaia Embassy.

Gaian Embassy. We are under heavy attack. Orcs have breached outer walls. Request immediate assistance at once.

Icecrown Inquisition to Joint Command. Requesting aid to Gaian Embassy on Icecrown. Orc invasion in progress.

Awaiting Requests...

Request Exterminatus.

Request Denied. Civilian casualties unacceptable. Orcs are not considered as great a threat.

Request Grand Crusade.

Request Denied. Manpower cannot be spared for all-out Crusade.

Request Centari Maxima Intervention.

Request Pending.....Request Granted. Centari Maxima Squad: Deployed. Hail the Hammer of Two.

Icecrown. A planet known as a desolate wasteland of ice and war. Gaia, a planet built to save the race of a dying planet. These two, each from different galaxies, each so different, have forged a powerful alliance; The Alliance of Two. Under this Alliance, High King Delques Bane of Icecrown and Emperor Tenshi Sora of Gaia founded the Hammer of Two, a joint military force run by Icecrownian resilience and Gaian compassion and technology. It is in this army that a new breed of super soldier was created. The Centari Maxima. These are Fortesians and Humans coming together, subjecting themselves to biological and technological augmentation and splicing to become super soldiers, guardians of peace and justice, and a force to protect the good peoples of the two planets. They're missions are perilous, some would even call suicidal. However, the Centari Maxima stand strong as a beacon of safety and peace to the people of Gaia and Icecrown.

The ship shook as it left the Joint Station. Sitting inside the drop ship were three large humanoid men in armor. The armor was bulky, yet seemed to be as flexible as if the men had grown them on their bodies. One of them was standing at a workbench station. He was repairing what looked like a large sword with chainsaw blades on the edges. On the man's side was a large machine gun that was sleek, and seemed to be armed with Gaian gunmaking and technology. His armor was a deep silvery purple color lined with glowing burgundy trim. His helmet was hornless, had no hairs, and unlike most Fortesian Helms, seemed to be removable. The other men were wearing similar armor. However, one was sitting on a bench while another was doing pull-ups on a bar in the center of the ceiling. The one sitting had a single glowing burgundy horn coming from the center of the helm's forehead that curved back. The one doing the pull-ups had two down-curving glowing burgundy horns. The one sitting looked over at the one at the work station. He then removed his helmet, revealing his face. It was old, a gray goatee around his mouth with a furrowed brow and copper circuit traces on the right side. His left eye was blue, while the other was a white fake eye. The man smiled at the soldier at the workbench and then spoke in a gruff, yet dignified British accent. "Come now, Aquila, you've been tinkering with that blade all day. Give it a rest, eh?" Aquila turned around and looked at the man. He then removed his helm. His face was young, at least 24, and his hair was brown and naturally spiked back. His hazel eyes were hard, and yet had a softness to them, like he was ready to do what must be done yet was able to show compassion about it. He also had a circuit trace on the right side of his head. His voice was noble, with a small hint of an English accent to it. "My apologies if my tinkering annoys you, Dominus. Back on Gaia, I was a decent mechanic. I even went so far as to learn Icecrown engineering. Its simply an old hobby. That, and I would rather this sword not break down on me during the heat of battle." Dominus seemed amused by what Aquila said. He laughed a hearty laugh and slapped his knee. "Back on Icecrown, you would have made it far in the Iron Legion, had you been born Icecrownian like me!"

They spoke in past tense because they were no longer Icecrownian or Gaian. They were a culmination of the two races, forged to protect and serve. They were war and peace incarnate. The one working out seemed to be listening to the other two. Finally, he let go of the bar and dropped to the ground. He looked at both Dominus and Aquila, then sighed. His voice was full of life and the energy of youth. Like all other Centari, he had a slight English hint to his voice. "The Codex Maxima always said that we should keep the past in the past." The man then removed is horned helmet. He was younger than Aquila. Much younger. Only about 18. Which means he was fresh meat, right out of the academy. His hair was blonde and cut in a military buzz fashion. His eyes were deep blue, and his circuit trace on his head was a bit shinier than Aquila's and much shinier than Dominus'. Aquila walked over at patted the man on the shoulder. "Trace, my friend, it is always important to let the past go. However, it is also important to remember who you are. And that means remembering where you were born as well. Because your birthplace is a part of you." Trace nodded. "I see...I still have much to learn about being a Centari Maxima."

Then, a blue light shown down from the ceiling. Standing in it was a hologram of a Vampire in a black Admiral's coat, the coat was trimmed in purple and had a red ascot. The Vampire's hair was brown and slicked back, while on his upper lip was a thin mustache. The Vampire cleared his voice and spoke. "I am Grand Inquisitor Castor, Commander-in-Chief of the Icecrownian Inquisition." Aquila, Dominus, and Trace all stood at attention and saluted him. First spoke Dominus. "Dominus, Sergeant-at-arms sir." Then spoke Trace. "Trace. Corporal sir." Finally spoke Aquila. "Aquila, Sergeant and leader of this squad." The Grand Inquisitor nodded. "At ease, soldiers. Today, your mission is of the utmost importance. The Gaian Embassy on Icecrown, Frostina's Watch, is under attack. Orcs have salvaged working a aircraft and are using it to attack the city from the air as well as the ground. Your mission is simple: Destroy that ship, then get into the city and clear out the Orcs." Trace then raised his hand. "Why are these Orcs so much of a threat?" The Grand Inquisitor's image flashed to a map of the city during the battle. "You see, the Orcs are moving in formations." Trace scratched his head. "So, don't all other armies?" Aquila shook his head. "Not Orcs...." The Inquisitor's image flashed back into view. "The Orcs appear to be trying to get to the Titan Attack Weapons' factory in the center of the city. From what I can see, they may plan on using the Attack Cannons in there." Dominus laughed. "Clever of the Green-skins! Perhaps this breed was brought on my some other breed of Orc through mating?" He chuckled at his own joke. The Grand Inquisitor then cleared his throat, signal time that laughing time was over. "You must stop the Orcs from stealing the King's secret weapons." Aquila nodded. "We shall not fail you."
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