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Angel's Were Meant to Fly

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Angel's Were Meant to Fly

Post by Guest on 6/18/2012, 11:36 am

“They say that angels fly and help those that need it most. They serve to make those people better and such, I believe that statement.”


It was an early mid fall Monday morning. The sun had just begun to rise over the horizon. The skies were starting to glow with orange light. Creatures all over were starting to wake up from their perfect slumber. Rays of light started to filter through the blinds of all the homes. Each place started to fill with moans and groans of an early morning wake up call due to the rising sun. One house on the other hand, was different; it was empty.

The streets were lined with parked cars. Sidewalks were empty and covered with leaves of all colors that matched the season. A soft breeze ran against the walls of tall buildings and the leafless trees. The wind also blew against a jogger.

Turning the corner, the jogger stopped at a cross walk. The wind blew again and rustled through her long, soft brown hair. Closing her soft blue eyes, she opened them to look at the waking world.

‘No matter how many times I run, this sight is always my favorite.’ She thought. The crosswalk light flashed green, and she took off running again.

Reaching her apartment building, Constance started to stretch. Her body felt wonderful. This was an every morning thing for her. She liked to start the day of right. A nice, long jog before her classes start. Walking inside her apartment, she quickly took a shower. Walking into her bedroom, she changed into a fall outfit. Her hair was weaved into a French braid. Her bangs were cut out. She wore a soft yellow like shirt that had green writing on it. The dark blue jeans she had on were faded a bit and the ends were tucked into her boots. The boots were a dark brown colored. Grabbing her backpack, she scurried out her door.

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Re: Angel's Were Meant to Fly

Post by Guest on 6/18/2012, 12:16 pm

The campus of Bellissimo University was empty. It was still early in the morning, but Constance liked to be early. This gave her time to find a nice spot to do some of the homework she couldn’t complete the night before due to work. Finding a nice spot under her favorite redwood tree, she sat herself on the bench and pulled out her books for her Songwriting & Development course. Looking up into the morning sky, she smiled softly.

“Just 17 more courses and I will finally be done.” She spoke softly.

Raising her hand up as if trying to grab a hold of an unreal substance, she smiled widely. It was like a dream. Reaching her dreams were closer then ever before. Constance had come so far to be here at Bellissimo University. This was a A-ranked school. Best one around for those who were chasing a career in Music. There were all sorts of different majors, but this one pulled her in. Coming here undecided, then having your dreams point you in the right direction through a simple dream, it seemed unreal. Shaking her head and returning to reality, she started to finish her assignment.

Time seemed to slip away as she sat there. Looking up, she noticed that the campus started to fill with other students. It was nice to see other faces around. As she finished writing, a male walked up. His name was Rayno Corsale. The male was about 5’11” with green eyes and short red hair. Rayno wore a tight, black t-shirt with a write treble clef on the front. The shirt hugged his muscular torso. His dark blue jeans were a bit baggy at the bottom and covered the top part of his track like shoes.

“Good morning Constance.”

“Hello. And good morning to you too.” He spoke to him as she packed her bag.

“Sleep well?”

“I did. And what of yourself?”

“I slept ok. It was lonely.”

“I bet it was since Harley wasn’t there to cuddle you all night like he usually does.”

“Shut up.” Rayno told her in a playful voice. “He had to work late shift and then headed back to his dorm room.”

“You don’t have to tell me this. We work together, remember?” She said with a stupid tone.

Getting up, she hugged Rayno. It was nice to meet up with a friend of hers after a long morning. The two of them were friends from back in high school. They sat together in History and hit it off from there. They sometimes, seemed like they were connected at the hip; never apart from one another. It seemed like a funky friendship, but it is what helped define them.

“So how does it feel to be almost done with your first major?”

“It feels great. Can’t wait to start my second one.”

“Wow. By the time you are done here, you will have a Bachelors in Science and Fine Arts.”

“I know.” She answered proudly. “But I hope I don’t go crazy from all this work.”

“You wont. Trust me, everything will be fine. I wont be leaving you until you graduate.”

“I hope not. You are my sanity.”

Rayno gave a chuckled as they entered Forte Hall. In this building were the cafeteria, library, and some classrooms. The two entered the cafeteria. Stepping into line, they picked their breakfast, paid and sat at their favorite table. A table that stood high off the ground. It seemed like a small version of a bar table, with the high chairs too.

Once they settled down, the two began to eat. This was a daily routine for the two. Every morning they had breakfast together. Most of the time they got something to share and would take turns paying for it. But today was one of those days, where they each got their own meals.

“When are we going out clubbing?” Rayno asked after taking a large gulp of coffee.

“When are you going to be around and not with Harley?” She answer back sharply with a slight chuckle.

“When will you stop asking that?”

“When it happens. But seriously, I am not sure. This weekend works for me. I have off.”

“Finally, a weekend off I see.”

“Agreed. I had to beg for this though. It wasn’t easy, but I will now get every other weekend off because of school and all the projects.”

“That’s great. But I hope they wont try to make you work like the last time we made plans.”

“I apologized for that like a million times. I am sorry they did that.”

“It’s the past. Lets eat, because class starts soon.”


Once the two have finished their meals, they tossed their garbage and grabbed their bags. Walking out of Forte Hall, the two stopped and looked at each other. Rayno has classes on the eastern side of the campus ands Constance had hers on the western side of the campus. They weren’t really close to each other. That was the hard part of being here. They didn’t get to spend as much time together, but every moment counts.

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