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Stories of Law

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Stories of Law

Post by Zazul on 5/4/2012, 12:51 am

Behold, fans of Geneforce, Geneforce: The Next Generation, and Aura Wake, counts of the famous Law Family. From tales of Quintus Law, the first of the Law Family, or of Mercer from Aura Wake's past, these are stories of Iciaura's Law Family and their parts to play in history. And yes, it is in the same format as the RPs.

Story One: Knives and Alex

The Dead Man's Hunt

*The moon is high in Neo Geneforce City. A cry is then let out. Four Combine soldiers are attacking a 10 year old skunk boy in a priest's outfit. The boy's entire arm is a large silver claw. The boy dodges the soldiers' attacks and then uses the claw to rend them to pieces with a few swipes.*

Alex: Geez! The Combine just keep on coming, eh Spirit?

*standing on the street lamp near the boy is a tall man with pitch black skin, a black cloak, and a white mask on his face. His black hair sways lightly in the breeze. He is a Celestio-Sapian, the race that had forged much of the galaxy.*

Spirit: Indeed. But that is why Dark Cosmos is here. You, me, Sweet, and Xavier. While Geneforce tends to their matters, we will take the fight to the Combine, the true threat. However, I can't help but think...

Alex: About what, Spirit?

Spirit: My kind forged this galaxy. That means we brought life to the planets. Does that not also mean that we created the Combine menace?

Alex: If you did, I'm sure it was not intended for them to be evil.

Spirit: *he leaps off the light post and lands next to Alex.* You are wise for your age, Alex. I can tell you will go far in life. Be it for Dark Cosmos, The Celestial Faith, or whatever you choose to do.

Alex: *he smiles at Spirit. Suddenly, his eyes snap open. It is nearly 3 years later. Alex was having a dream of the past, back when he was a member of Dark Cosmos before Luna joined them for that brief time. Alex rubbed his head and sat up. He was on a Transport ship bound for Rapture, the Necral Planet. He was going because his older brother, "Millions" Knives Law, had asked him to come help him on a job. Alex never approved of his brothers' mercenary lifestyle, but he still loved his brother and wanted to make sure he was okay. With Geneforce on alert for Keshin Xander, Alex was on edge. Anything could happen. Finally, the ship arrives at Hinter Space Port, in the city of Arathi. Alex walks out and looks around the terminal. Beings of all kinds; humans, Iciaurian skunks, wolves, hedgehogs, Mobians, Celestio-Sapians, Icecrownians, and mostly Necrals, are bustling about. However, a single, tall male skunk with a broad cowboy hat, cowboy boots, a duster, and a large bandaged up cross is leaning against a wall. Alex smiles wide and runs over to the skunk* KNIVES!

Knives: *he sticks his foot out and keeps Alex from hugging him. His voice is smooth with a southern hint to it.* Calm down, small-fry.

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Re: Stories of Law

Post by Zazul on 5/4/2012, 7:07 pm

Alex: *he smiles and wipes the bootprint off his priest's robe.* How are you, Big Brother? Its been forever!

Knives: I've been well. But, I ran out of spending money, so I took this here job. We're hunting down an old member of Grom Reaver's crew. Guy who calls himself Zelroth. He's a mad necral scientist. And the Necral Government with the new Wormlord want Zelroth taken down. They want him alive, or whatever you would call a Necral if it ain't stiff as a board and not moving. Point is, they got a nice big bounty on this guy's head. Ten million double dollars. And I'm gonna rake that in! Imagine all the booze I could buy! *he drools a bit* And it would be the good stuff! Mobius port, mabye even Iciaurian Scotch!

Alex: *he sighs and facepalms* Do you only think about booze, Knives?

Knives: No! Imagine how many women I would get as well!

Alex: Knives! You should treat women with respect! What ever happened to Ikari?

Knives: Who? Oh, that girl from Tropic....*he smiles fondly* Oh man, she was amazing...But we went our seprate ways. Besides, I've been busy around the galaxy with other things.

Alex: By "things", I take it they are women?

Knives: *he starts counting off his fingers* Audry....Shannon.....Lisa......Tammy...Oh! And Harley!....don't forget Bridgette....Michelle....Taylor...

Alex: Knives! You've been with so many women?! And at the same time?! Do they know about the others?!

Knives: Nope.

Alex: That's cheating! You have a girlfriend!

Knives: And you have math tests, both can be cheated on. Now, lets just go hunt this guy down...
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Re: Stories of Law

Post by Zazul on 5/8/2012, 1:22 am

*As Knives and Alex walk through the city, they finally arrive at the Alchemy District. It was here that Alchemists, Herbalists, Apothicaries, and Inscribers made their livings. Knives walks over to a specific shop, "The Runed Cauldron", and knocks on the door. He is answered by the slit in the door sliding open and two Necral eyes peeping out at him.*

???: Who are you?! What do you want?!

Knives: The raven flies to the west.

???: greet the new day. Welcome, Mercenary. *the door opens up. The Necral at the door was short, gangley, and had sharp fangs with strange white tattoos that looked like roots on his body and a tree on his face. He, judging by his form, was a Reavarius, a remnant of Grom Reaver's attempt at the perfect army. Knives and Alex walked in. Besides the different stalls selling alchemy supplies, herbs, scrolls, and other things, there was a bar. And at the bar table and the tables around them were different people in different outfits. All armed to the teeth.*

Alex: Is this-

Knives: It is. Its a Mercenary Den. This is where Mercenaries meet, relax, buy supplies, and trade information on marks. Keep close and try not to do anything stupid. These guys will chew you up and crap you out dead faster than you can say "oops!". *Knives and Alex walk up to the bar and sit down. Standing at the bar was a beautiful Amazon girl with a cowboy hat, brown leather jacket, brown leather chaps and blue jeans, and brown cowboy boots on. On her belt was a double-barreled sawed-off shotgun. She turns around from polishing glasses, her blonde hair flowing. She looks right at Knives, who smiles.* Miss Greta, how have you been?

Greta: *she puts the glass up and saunters over to Knives. She puts her arms around Knives' neck, like she was going to kiss him. Then, she brings his head in and full-out headbutts him.* What are you doing here, Law?! I thought when I said "Until you have the money to pay me back, stay away!" was pretty clear with you!

Knives: *he rubs his head as he sits back up* OW! Greta, baby, you really do have the thickest skull out of any girl I've met! What about that wonderful night I gave you?

Greta: Oh please! That wasn't even CLOSE to pleasing me! *she finally notices Alex.* Who's the little cutie you have here?

Alex: *he blushes brightly and sinks back* I-I-I'm Alex....Alex Law.

Greta: Law?! Are you Knives' kid?! OOOOOH Knives! If you're really this irresponsible...

Knives: He's not my kid! He's my kid brother! He's helping me out on the job I'm on, which is why I came here to see you!

Greta: *she rubs Alex on the cheek and smiles sweetly to him* Never grow up to be like your brother, kid. He's the scum of the earth. Anyway, Knives, what job did you take this time?

Knives: *he leans in close so that nobody except Greta could hear him* We're here to hunt down that Zelroth guy.

Greta: *she nearly leaps out of her pants from fear. She staggers back, eyes wide* You can't be serious...Knives, Zelroth is dangerous with a capital D! He's beyond the dangerous that you and I have dealt with!

Alex: Actually, me and Geneforce fought him before...

Greta: WHAT?!

Alex: Yeah. We fought Reaver and his entire crew. And we won. Luna and I beat Reaver, Xanthos beat Morteus, Rose beat Zelroth, and Cody beat Sylvanis. It was hard, but we managed.

Greta: Wow. Knives, are you sure you're the strong one in your family?

Knives: Stow it. Just tell us what you know about Zelroth. He making any plagues or trying to resurrect Reaver?

Greta: The Reaver part, I don't know. As for the plagues, I bet he is. And I bet he's part of that new project that the Necrals have been working on.

Knives: Project?

Greta: Its called "Last Battalion". Its supposedly invlolving Necrals being created through plagues mixed with some kind of aggrivation drug. The Necrals that come out are mean, powerful, and have strange accents. They also speak some weird language. Supposedly, Zelroth was on this long before he joined Reaver. The Necrals of "Last Battalion have to marinade in those plagues and poisons for at least a good 50 or 60 years.

Knives: How do you know so much about it?

Greta: *she points at the doorman* Crutch over there used to be part of Zelroth's research team.
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Re: Stories of Law

Post by Zazul on 5/8/2012, 11:31 pm

Alex: Do you mind if I have a talk with him?

Greta: Sure thing, cutie. Just be careful. Old Crutch isn't exactly friendly.

Alex: Thank you, ma'am. *he stands up and walks over to Crutch.*

Greta: "Thank you, ma'am."? Cute, and he has good manners. Knives, why weren't you ever nice like him?

Knives: Greta, I told you over and over. I've never been nice a day in my life. But I do try my best to be sweet.

Greta: Well, your sweet side was always your best side.

Alex: *he approaches Crutch, who immediately goes on guard*

Crutch: What do you want from me?!

Alex: My name is Alex Law. I just want to talk to you...

Crutch: Alex...Law? The one who helped the Blue Hedgehog defeat Lord Reaver? You and her liberated my kind from slavery under Grom Reaver. I will help you any way I can. What do you want to know?

Alex: Where is Zelroth and what is "Last Battalion"?

Crutch: *he sighs and rubs his bald head. He then looks up at Alex, his eyes full of sadness from his memories.* Zelroth was last seen in his lab, at Hekesh Canyon. There, his research team Reich is attempting to make soldiers, even more perfect than the Reavarious. These Necrals are soaked for many many decades in plagues, steroids, and other forms of irritants to make them durable and battle-hardened from day one. Already, a good few hundred of them have hatched. But, they are far from perfect. They are extremely violent and irritable. More beast than Necral. However, five of the experiments that have yet to hatch...they are soldiers perfected. Its all in the brain waves. These...these monsters as well as the perfect soldiers, are "Last Battalion". I have no idea who is funding Zelroth's research, but I know it was not and is not Master Reaver.

Alex: So you think it could be a Necral splinter cell?

Crutch: Yes. And the Necral Government under the Wormlord, Issac Reaver, want Zelroth brought to justice. I would be lying if I said I didn't want the same. Zelroth has caused much pain to this race. Please, stop his madness, Alex Law. You are our only hope.

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Re: Stories of Law

Post by Zazul on 5/10/2012, 1:01 am

Alex: *he nods to Crutch and holds up his fist* I will. He won't get away, I promise. *Alex walks back over to Knives and Greta* I got the info. He's in Hekesh Canyon.

Knives: Wow. You really got the info! Now, lets go nab that corpsey bastard and rake in that cash!

Greta: Good luck, boys. And Alex?

Alex: Yeah?

Greta: *she kisses Alex on the cheek* Come back and see me when you're older. I'll show you a real good time. *she winks at Alex.*

Alex: *he blushes wildly* Um...I....duh....gawrsh...

Knives: *he pushes Alex out the door and glares at Greta* Keep your claws out of the kid.

Greta: *she waves at Knives, still smiling as Alex and Knives exit the shop*

*Knives and Alex go to the gate of the city. There, people are able to purchase vehicles for traveling across Rapture's arid turrain. The two walk right up to the current cycle salesman as he is advertising his products*


Knives: We'll take two Tredgers.

Salesman: Thank you, son! That'll be two thousand double dollars each!


Salesman: Weeeeeell then you don't get a ride. And wherever you have to go, you're gonna be walking. So don't expect to get where you have to go in a hurry!

Alex: Knives, its okay, I got this. *he walks over to the salesman.* Sir, we need those vehicles. I'm sure my master can compensate you.

Salesman: Your master? You mean the loud guy?

Alex: No, that's my brother. I mean my master. *he reaches into his cloak and pulls out a silver cross*

Salesman: GAH! THAT'S THE ROSARY OF THE CELESTIAL FAITH! Don't tell me the Faith has business out there in the wilderness!

Alex: No, but the Furor said he would help me if I needed it since I'm helping my brother.

Salesman: I would be honored to help a servant of Pope Cross Mauser! Two Tredges, coming up! *the salesman runs into his garage and pulls out two motorcycle-like vehicles with one large wheel in the front and two small wheels in the back.*

Alex: Thank you very much. Just call this number, *he hands the Salesman a card* and the money should be wired you your account.

Salesman: No, thank you, priest!

Knives: *as he and Alex walk past the salesman, Knives shoots the salesman one last dirty look before he and Alex mount up and roll out into the wasteland-like surface of Rapture.*
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Re: Stories of Law

Post by Zazul on 11/28/2012, 9:31 pm

*as Knives and Alex cruised across the arid terrains of Rapture's surface, the see a large rise of mountains approaching.*

Knives: That should be it. Hekesh Canyon.

Alex: Then Zelroth will be there with an army of super Necrals?

Knives: Yep...

Alex: I know that Issac Reaver, the new Wormlord, is the one who wants Zelroth brought to justice, but I can't shake the feeling that something bigger is going on...

Knives: Nah. Issac didn't even hire me in person! He sent the court's head Necromancer, Manimeus Bonemark, to hire me.

Alex: Bonemark....

*the two finally arrive at the mesa above the canyon. They turn off their Tredgers and move to the edge to look down. In the canyon are a bunch of muscular Necrals in what looked like German style soldier's attire. They were letting out low growls as they marched in a half-sloppy yet still surprisingly disciplined formation. The ones monitoring the march were a bunch of Necral scientists. The leader of them was wearing a black witch's hat and long black lab coat. His lower jaw was missing and his eyes were glowing yellow. on his belt were a bunch of test tubes with different alchemical formulas in them and a pair of bladed pistols. The necral seemed half pleased with the display.*

Knives: That's Zelroth.

Alex: Looks like his fight with Rose took a lot out of him....literally. Last time I saw him, he had a jaw.

Knives: *he reaches around and pulls out the bandaged cross. He then presses a button on the cross's right arm and a satellite dish comes out.* Lets listen in on what he's talking about...

Zelroth: ...It would seem that everything is going according to plan. Once our financier hears that we have come so close to perfecting his "Last Battalion", he will be most pleased. I can see it now...within the next two decades, the fall of Reaver will finally be realized!

Scientist: And its all thanks to you, Grand Apothecary.

Zelroth: Indeed....How goes the status of The Five?

Scientist: They are still marinading, but they will be ready by the time our financier makes his move. Already they show the brain waves of someone who has been in at least ten different wars on at least fifty different battlefields! Especially projects 1 and 2. They would make excellent field commanders.

Zelroth: Excellent. And the best part is that nothing can stop the "Last Battalion" project! *he turns to the Necrals that are marching* To the fall of Reaver!

Necrals: Heil! Heil! Heil! *they all pump their fists in the air with each cheer.*

Zelroth: *he looks back at the other scientists* I shall retire to my quarters. Inform me of any mishaps. *he turns around and walks back into the building*

Alex: So it is a Necral splinter cell.

Knives: This is big, Alex...and something tells me those weird mutant Necrals aren't any form of pushovers...

Alex: Still, maybe we can make this work. If they are marching out here, what about the rear of the canyon?

Knives: Ahhhh....flank 'em and take the lab by surprise!

Alex: And catch Zelroth with his pants down!

Knives I like it. Lets move. *the two walk to the other side of the mesa. When they look down, they see only a few Last Battalion guards.* Hehehe! You're right, Alex! With the canyon ending here and now way in from the plains, they only put two guards at the door and three on patrol!

Alex: Then lets give 'em hell. *the two brothers jump off the mesa and land in front of the three patrolling guards.* Hello, boys!

Guard 1: Was?!

Knives: *he dashes in and kicks the guard that spoke in the gut*

Guard 2: Ficken! *he tries to run*

Alex: Law Abiding...*he points his claw at the running guard* SILVER GUN! *he fires a blast of silver energy at the guard, destroying the guard's chest and leaving a giant hole. He and Knives then both kick the third guard, Alex in the head and Knives in the chest, before running towards the doors*

Knives: HA! That was easy!

*the two guards at the doors, unlike the patrols, were not taken by surprise. The stood their ground and flourished two machine guns with bayonets. The then charged at Alex and Knives. Alex stopped and crossed his claw with the guard's bayonet. The guards really were stronger than the Revarious, because the guard was pushing Alex down to the ground. Knives wasn't fairing much better. The guard he was fighting had abandoned his bayonet and rifle and was now holding Knives in a massive bear hug. And Knives looked like he was about to burst. Then, Knives reached into his pocket and pulled out two small syringes. He then stabbed them into his leg and let the liquid in them flow into him. Knives went from looking scared that he was going to be crushed to an almost cocky smile. His skin and fur morphed until they were pure metal. Then, the metal began to turn red and small flames began to lick the surface of the metal. The guard screamed in pain as the metal burned him.*

Guard 3: Es brennt! Es brennt! AAAAAAAAAAAGH! *soon, Knives had become so hot that he was able to burn the guard's body to ashes.*

Knives: That'll learn ya! *he then looked over at Alex and pointed his hand at the guard. He let loose a long jet of flames that caught on the guard's cloak and skin. The guard abandoned fighting Alex and ran away, burning and screaming.*

Alex: *he slowly gets up* Thanks.

Knives: *the metal and fire wear off and he looks back in the direction the guard went screaming.* It won't be long until more of them show up. Lets get inside the facility and find Zelroth. *he and Alex run inside the lab, ready to find and confront Zelroth.*
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Re: Stories of Law

Post by Zazul on 12/1/2012, 11:46 am

*As Alex and Knives made their way through the lab, they found multiple tanks full of some weird green liquid. The most interesting ones were five on the far wall that were reinforced with metal and hidden except for a small slit that one could peer in from. Knives and Alex looked around. Inside all the tanks were Necrals, marinading in the green liquid. Some looked fresh, like they were just put in. Others were large, more muscular, and very tough looking. Much like the guards they had encountered. Alex walked over to the five reinforced tanks and looked at them*

Alex: These must be the Five that Zelroth was talking about.

Knives: I say we destroy 'em!

Alex: Right...*he points his claw at the tank that reads "Project 1"* Law Abiding....*the energy charges on his claw* Silver- *before he can finish, a door opens. In casually walks Zelroth*

Zelroth: Ah, the famous mercenary "Millions" Knives Law. And the brat who helped Luna kill Lord Reaver. So, both of the brothers Law are here before me.

Alex: *he turns around, he energy deactivating* Zelroth!

Knives: *he draws his cross and presses a button. The cross's base splits in two and separates, forming a cross-shaped rail gun.* I got you in Crucifix's sights now, ya dirty sidewinder! You're coming with us!

Zelroth: Oh my...I'm so scared....

Alex: *Zelroth's sarcastic tone made Alex raise an eyebrow* You sound confident.

Zelroth: That is because I have the home field advantage! *he draws his pistols and aims both of them at Knives and Alex* Now then, gentlemen, how long do you think you will last?

Alex: *he charges forward, his claw ready to attack.*

Zelroth: *he rolls back and lets loose a torrent of energy bullets from his pistols at Alex*

Alex: *the blasts hit him and he gets flung back and smashes into a tank, cracking it.*

Knives: *he charges Crucifix and fires a blast of electro energy at Zelroth*

Zelroth: *he rolls out of the way and the blast hits a tank, breaking it. The two tanks that were broken by Alex and Knives spill their contents. The Necrals inside, however, had mutated since they were awakened before their time. Their bodies bubble and they rise up, moaning like zombies. One of the necrals flails its arm violently and the arm bursts into a large, hulk-like arm. The other drops to the ground and its legs sprout bone spikes and become more muscular. The mutants stand up and flank Zelroth, almost like guards.* Hmmm...a tad on the ugly side, but they should be more than effective, eh? Hehehehe....But don't worry! There are more to spare! *he aims his pistols at more of the tanks and shoots, causing most of the necrals to fall out of their tanks and mutate like the other two. Soon, a good 20 mutant necrals are all standing there, moaning and surrounding Knives and Alex* And the best part is we have thousands more in storage! This is but a fraction of "Last Battalion"!
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Re: Stories of Law

Post by Zazul on 1/2/2013, 8:21 am

Knives: Oh boy...Those things sure are ugly!

Alex: *he readies his claw* We can take 'em!

Knives: *he looks down at the floor. Metal. And the mutants had no shoes on. Knives smiled wryly and stepped in front of Alex* Shrimp. Are you wearing boots?

Alex: Yeah. Standard issue Celestial Faith combat boots. Why?

Knives: They got rubber on the sole?

Alex: Yeah...

Knives: Then watch this. *he takes out two syringes and stabs them into his legs.* Plasmid 1. Metal Shell! *his body morphs to pure metal* Plasmid 2. Shock! *his metal body begins to glow light blue and sparks start to fly off. Suddenly, the mutants stop and start smoking while flailing about.*

Zelroth: Hmmm? *he looks at the ground and then at the mutants and then at Knives* I see....the floor is pure metal, and you turned yourself to metal while using an electric ability, which is conducted through the metal....the mutants don't wear cloths, so they are not protected like the boy and I, who are wearing rubber soled boots. Very resourceful...I would expect nothing less from the infamous Knives Law. *he then draws his pistols* But...can your little brother turn to metal? Because last I checked...*he points his pistols at Alex* Poisoned bullets hurt flesh, not metal. *he fires at Alex*

Alex: *he brings his claw up and blocks it* HA! *he then aims his claw at Zelroth.* LAW ABIDING SILVER GUN! *he fires at Zelroth, hittling the Necral and forcing him onto his back. As soon as Zelroth hits the ground, he starts flailing as the electricity shocks him.*

Knives: Got him! *he goes back to normal and runs over. All around Knives and Alex, were the charred, smoking remains of former Necral Experiments. Knives takes out a pair of handcuffs and cuffs Zelroth* Now you're done, wacko!

Zelroth: Grrrr.....DAMMIT!

Alex: I'll call the Necral Government! *he runs outside. When he gets out there, he sees all the Last Battalion soldiers and scientists are either arrested or dead. Standing there are hundreds of Revarious and Necral Police. Leading them is a tall Elf Necral with gold skin and black tattoos that look like runes and pentagrams. The Elf Necral strides past the guards, seeming pleased with his surroundings. Finally, he arrives to Alex*

???: must be Knives' younger brother, Alex. A pleasure to meet you, young master Law. I am Manimeus Bonemark, head of the Necral Secret Police as well as the head of the Rapture Government's Senate. I trust you and your brother have....apprehended Zelroth?

Alex: We have. I was just about to call you.

Manimeus: Lead the way then, young master. *he and Alex walk into the base alongside multiple members of the Secret Police. Finally, they find Knives sitting on Zelroth, who is bound and gagged.* Excellent work, Law Brothers! You have apprehended a very dangerous criminal!

Zelroth: *as soon as he sees Manimeus, his eyes widen and he begins to struggle violently. He lets out muffled yells at Manimeus, almost as if he was cursing him or angry with him*

Manimeus: Dangerous and violent, eh? Take him away! *his secret police walk over and pick Zelroth up, holding him as he struggles. They then carry the angered Necral away. Manimeus then walks over to Knives and Alex* Very good, gentlemen. A fine job indeed. *he reaches into his cloak pocket and pulls out a check* Here you are, Master Law. You earned this pay.

Knives: Thanks. *he walks over to Alex* Come on, squirt. The drinks at Greta's are on me this time. *he walks off*

Alex: Knives! Drinking so early in the day?! That's horrible! *he turns back to Manimeus* A pleasure to help you, Mr. Bonemark. *he runs off after Knives* Wait!

Manimeus: *he smiles at Alex as Alex runs away. After Alex disappears, Manimeus's smile fades and he looks over at one of his Secret Police* Make sure the data is transferred to Zelroth at the new secret testing facility. This was the only way to throw the Reavers off our trail...

Police: Yes, Lord Bonemark. *the officer goes to upload the data from Zelroth's computer onto a new drive.* Sir, what about those five that Zelroth already completed?

Manimeus: *he walks over to the center tank that belongs to Project 1 and puts his hand on it* They, my friend, will be the gateway to many victories...and the fall of the accursed Reaver family....*he looks up at the grimy name plate on the tank and rubs it off. The name printed on there was in bold letters.* will be my instrument of revolution....Heinrich Von Marrowrend.
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Re: Stories of Law

Post by Zazul on 1/2/2013, 9:31 pm

Story 2: Proteus

Zion Rising

*A cry. That is what Hermaceus Mora, Daedric Prince of Knowledge heard. That insufferable, disgusting, unrelenting cry. He could feel his control over the Shifters on Mobius waver. And finally, he felt it break. In anger, he smashed his fist against the Daedric Metal throne he sat on in his Realm, Ohgma Infinitum. He could remember it all. That cry had haunted him before. The cry of Balance. The cry coming from that infant, Riley Law, the last Zion.*

Hermaceus Mora: Pfft....Zions...such a disgusting race....*Mora rose from the throne and walked along the endless bookshelves of his realm. Finally, he came to one book. On the cover was a Iciaurian Skunk with his hair in a spiked mohawk that ends in a long braided ponytail. The skunk on the book was wearing a Buddhist priest's robes with cloth pants, a large rope for a belt, and laceless boots. The skunk's eyes were sharp and his features well defined. He had a white fur goatee and a scar going across his nose. On the skunk's right hand were black pixels that seemed to be floating and generating from that hand. Mora looked at the book in disgust* So then....You failed to kill my brother, but your grandson might be able to make up for it and kill me? Your line has always been fools....Proteus Law. *he opens the book and begins to read*

~Nearly 25 years earlier~

*The grassy plains on the planet Mobius rolled in the wind. The day was bright, sunny, and beautiful. Laying in that field is the same skunk that Mora had been glaring at on the book cover. The skunk lazily yawns and scratches his stomach. It was definitely a nice day for a nap. The skunk lazily opens his eyes and sits up. He then looks around and decides its time to move on. He stands and starts walking towards the city closest to where he was, Arcadia. As he walked through the streets he saw a TV store was showing the news.*

Newscast: Leaving none of the priests in the temple alive. This temple, only recently discovered, is supposedly out to a deity who seems to hold the power of Balance, although such a power has never been confirmed to even exist. Whatever these priests or whatever they were held, it was enough to get them killed by an unknown assailant. *The skunk looks down and away from the TV. The slain people had been wearing the same outfits as him. He looked like he was about to cry. They were not priests, but something called Harbingers. They served one of the five Embodiments. They, like him, were called Zions. Servants of Lybra, Embodiment of Balance. And he knew precisely who was behind this. It was no doubt the Enemy, who they knew as the Daedra. Children of Chaos, another Embodiment. And the only prince capable of destroying that many Zions had to be a Favorite Son, most likely Sithis. As the Skunk began to tremble in anger, a voice entered his mind*

???: Proteus....

Proteus: *he recognized the voice* Lord Lybra?

Lybra: Do not grieve for the others. They died defending themselves, without judgement and without hate. They died the death of a true Zion. Only know this, You and any of your line are the last of the Zions.

Proteus: The last....My wife, back on Iciaura...and my son, Knives.

Lybra: Knives does not carry any trace of the Zion Gene. None of his spawn will become Zions.

Proteus: None? Then we are doomed to extinction?

Lybra: No. On the last visit to your old home, you and your wife conceived a second son. She plans to name him Alex, after an old friend of hers. However...know that you will never know this child, Proteus.

Proteus: Why?!

Lybra: I have seen it. She will remarry. She will marry one of your cousins, and he will take up the role of the father to the boys. Knives will reject him because he knows the truth. Alex, however, will never know who you are.

Proteus: ...Am I going to die?

Lybra: ....yes. How you die, however, will be up to you.

Proteus: What would you have me do?

Lybra: You must find Sithis. His reign of Genocide has thrown the galaxy into a state of disarray, disrupting the Balance. Though you must not grieve for your people, you must bring the one who slaughtered them to justice. Find Sithis, and face him.

Proteus: But how can I face the prince that slaughtered countless other Zions? I'm not strong. My powers have barely even awakened.

Lybra: You will have the power when the time comes, Proteus. For now, you must find Sithis. Locate any Daedric Cults that my know of his whereabouts. Good luck, my child...

Proteus: Yes, Lord of Balance.
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Re: Stories of Law

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