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Under Magix's spell

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Under Magix's spell

Post by Genesis on 2/5/2011, 6:28 am

Hey everyone, here is a little story me and a certain artist we all know and loved and one certain evil shadow Mage are working on. In this story you are introduced to an organization known as Magix, who are bent on the destruction of all beings with magic. This fist chapter here is by me.

Under M.A.G.I.X Spell: Chapter 1

???: Sir, we have found several energy traces.
A long shadowy figure stood in a large room. The room was dark and empty, only small shimmers of light sneaked their way through the cracks in the doot. In the room were several other shadowy clocked figures. The one speaking stood in the center of the room talking to a large monitor, on the monitor was another unknown shadowed figure.   
TV FIgure:Where are the traces coming from?
???: We have traces from Mobius, Tropic, and a planet we don't know much about. Our researchers are calling it X-17.
TV Figure: Interesting; well my organization, split into groups of two and head to each planet.
???: Understood, sir.  
The TV flashed off and the hooded figure that was speaking removed its hood to reveal a young female hedgehog. She walked past the others through the main doors and down the hall. She was soon followed by four others, but these for kept their hoods up but spook. 
???: Well Kim, what's the plan?
Kim: What do you think? We go and we find these freaks with powers and we destroy them. That's our job.
???: Right, well which are you off to?
Kim: Mobius is the place for me. Its where I was from. This was the place where... the place where it all happened.  
She and the other figures continued down the hall into another room, there, sitting in a rack, were robes and scythes with red marks on the blades. 
Kim: lets suit up and take these freaks down.

Next ones your's rocky.
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Re: Under Magix's spell

Post by Luna on 2/5/2011, 8:13 am

its really good. cant wait for rockys part.
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Re: Under Magix's spell

Post by RKRobot on 2/5/2011, 11:25 am

(How do you post up multiple pictures at once? Cause I kinda wanna put up the sketched comic of that first chapter...><; )

Okay! Chapter 2's a long one, but if you got time and frankly, the energy to read it all, then knock your socks off!

Under M.A.G.I.X. Spell: Chapter 2

~The shortest figure in the room headed straight for his scythe and lifted it from the rack. He stepped away so the other could collect their own as well, but as he glided out of the way his hood slid off his head. He looked up at his bare head, revealing that he was a quail. His topknot bobbed above his head he spoke, gripping his scythe. ~
???: If Kim’s going to that Mobius place, we have to head to the opposite planet, Tropic, right Kyron?
~The tallest of the group, measuring at three feet and seven inches high, slid his gloved fingers along the handle of his black and red scythe. In his deep voice, the figure known as Kyron spoke to his teammate calmly. ~
Kyron: It will be easier to do so. As Kimberly said, all magic is evil and must be taken down. Are you nervous about returning to your home planet, Quiver?
Quiver: Well, I…n-not a chance! N-no matter where it is, magic must be eliminated!
~Nodding, Kyron returned to check his inventory. Everything was in place. When the two of them were ready, they departed from the room, using a slight wave goodbye instead of words. ~
~The short quail sped ahead along the tunnel they strode through in order to get to the transporter. This machine would teleport them to the desired destination, so kindly created by more members of their group in order to make their job easier. As they arrived, Quiver loudly asked his partner who exactly they were looking for. ~
Quiver: I know there are many people in these worlds that have such power, but shouldn’t we target a few major ones?
Kyron: Only if we encounter them, my friend. After all, there can be strength in numbers, so why not take down the numbers, digit by digit?
~A gleaming white grin showed through Kyron’s darkened face. Quiver’s expression quickly changed from nervous to prepared and together, they left for Planet Tropic. ~

Planet Tropic: Cornucopia: Grapelina: Ivory City
~The brick red guinea pig dashed down the staircase of his beautiful white mansion, and out his large brown doorway. His gray pants and black sleeveless jacket fluttered as he leapt down the steps of his front lawn to his driveway, where a gorgeous red convertible car was sitting. The twin white racing stripes on the vehicle shimmered in the sunlight and the beige leather seats were a bit hot when the 16-year-old hopped in and buckled up. The blue eyes of the guinea pig scanned the edge of the driveway, making sure there was no one behind him like always, and pulled out smoothly. Decoda the Guinea Pig was never late for work until today. ~
Decoda: Damn alarm clock can’t ring right. I swear, the minute I get home it’s going back to the damn retailers!
~After several minutes of driving through the large and pristine city of Ivory, located in the state of Grapelina, Decoda finally made it to the capitol area. He carefully pulled into the decent sized parking garage near the building, opened up his glove compartment in the car and grabbed a handful of papers out. He slammed it shut, locked the car and made a dash for the biggest building in the area: the Gray Residence. ~
~Clumsily shoving his way through the spinning glass doors, Decoda skidded past security, flashing his badge from the pile of papers that he indeed worked there. Not many global scale rock stars (in fact, he was the only one) worked in the government’s office. He waved to few secretaries on the way, but mainly headed straight for the Hexagonal Office. By the time he got there, he was panting, sweating and a little tired. He then stopped at the door, took in a deep breath, straightened his hair, hat, and clothes up, and at last opened the door to a very worried looking crowd. Grimacing as he walked in, thankfully without being noticed, he slid over to the side of the room where the complimentary coffee was waiting on a cloth-covered table. Many of the folks in the room were discussing something serious, judging by the looks on their faces and the shaking hands holding the coffee cups. When the guinea pig was about to take a sip of his newly poured tepid coffee, the main man in the room, the President spoke in his usual booming voice, accidentally making Decoda jump and spilling some of his beverage. The guinea pig muttered a curse word under his breath as he listened in and tried to clean up what was on the tablecloth. ~
Han: All right. We all know what’s been boggling our minds since early this morning, but could someone please explain to me what’s REALLY happening?
~As Mr. Han tried finished his sentence, a human employee of his raised their hand and stood up tall to get his attention. After Han had pointed to him and nodded approvingly, the man began to speak. ~
Man: On our southern state boarders, an attack has been launched on a small town called Orchid Village. It was said that about 50 or so have been found dead in that town of only 15,000. It’s not a small number to us, but its pretty hefty for a find on their part. Anyway, for some reason, the only ones who have been slaughtered, or targets of slaughter are beings that posses any form of magical or supernatural power. Sky King only knows why, but anyway, brief images reveal that they appear to be of the Koko species.
~The man just finished his sentence as he shuffled through his papers to find photographs of the pair of killers with deadly weapons. The dark cloaks they wore shrouded some of their bodies, but of what could be seen they both were of some kind of bird species. One of them was mostly blue, brown and black, while the other was gray and black. It also came into perspective that while the creatures didn’t look alike aside from the clothing and weapons, but they had height and weight differences as well. From his position, Decoda couldn’t see the pictures, but from the look on Mr. Han’s face, he could tell that it looked bad. From behind Han, a middle sized, faded Koko bird came up flustered and furious. It began speaking its language, and from what Decoda could understand, it didn’t sound happy with the verdict. ~
Koko: Oh, no you don’t! How dare you blame the Koko species immediately for such violent acts upon others? This accusation is preposterous! According to more reports, other Koko’s have been found dead as well as members from various species! No bird of that genetic range in all my 20 years of working for this government has ever decapitated another Koko! Never!
Han: Then who, Mr. Kikanoto, do you suspect this monstrosity is caused by?!
Kikanoto: I suggest that they are from the Quail and Heron specie. Just look how tall the gray one is and how long his beak points! And as for the other one, he may be colorful, but that is only because he is a male quail! The topknot is a dead give away!
~The President smashed his clenched fist on his strong wooden desk and shut his eyes tight. Mr. Kikanoto ruffled himself out a little and asked that the pictures be removed. When the shots were safely away, the bird spoke again, but this time, in a calmer tone. ~
Kikanoto: This state cannot afford any more screw-ups, and neither can this country. If this accident spreads, there are no more funding, no more citizens to protect, and we’ll all end up feeding off of Gadgetria or Phoenix. If that’s the last thing you want, you will get agents to the southern portion of the state quickly and without a ruckus. Is that clear, Mr. President?
Han: Crystal, Kikanoto.
~The room went from complete silence to whispering discussions. Mr. Kikanoto left the room with his two secretaries and closed the door behind him. Decoda sighed and looked at his empty coffee cup. He put the cup down and slunk over to the big desk of the President. He was now sitting, brushing his fingers through stubbly gray hair and shaking his head. The guinea pig moved a pencil cup and a picture frame to the side and hopped up onto the desk. He wasn’t smiling because he thought it was funny, but just to lighten the mood. ~
Decoda: Anything I can get for ya, sir?
~Instantly the President opened his eyes and looked at the mammal, surprised. Instead of getting angry that he was late, he held in his anger and slouched in his large and comfortable red chair. He spoke in the calmest tone the guinea pig had ever heard him in. ~
Han: What I am going to do, Decoda?
Decoda: Just do what Kikanoto said: get troops down there and stop those killers. No big deal, right?
Han: Heh, no. It is a VERY big deal, my boy. Do you know how difficult it is to issue an order sending in the army without SOMEONE finding out that something is wrong? Even if you have the troops swear that they won’t tell a soul about what’s happening, it somehow gets out. Looks like we’ll have to inform some kind of public.
Decoda: Cover up?
Han: No use. The Kokos will be furious if we “blame” them, and the other bird clans in the country will outrage.
Decoda: Editing the recorded images?
Han: Freedom of the Press denies all government to block out “the truth”. Even if we pay them, they’ve double-crossed us before by saying they will, but they don’t.
Decoda: Then…I don’t know! *throws up his hands *
Han: I’ve tried contacting Rocky, but its ended in failure. I’ve also tried her sister, but she’s busy. I must get someone down there to help out though…Decoda, if you were under attack, who would you call for help?
Decoda: I wouldn’t. I’d kick their no-good backsides ‘til they’re hospitalized…
~The President froze for a second. Slowly, he turned his head toward the brick red mammal and his eyes grew wide. Every second he turned, Decoda’s grimace grew bigger and bigger. When their eyes met, the fat President jumped out of his seat and grabbed the guinea pig’s tan colored shoulders. He began speaking in his booming voice again, and once again the crowd was drawn to the action. ~
Decoda: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?
Han: You said so yourself; if you were under attack, you’d kick them to the curb! A tough rock star like you, so young and strong, could easily take down the criminals!
Decoda: But the country is, not me! And I ain’t going down there to get decapitated!
Han: But you serve for your country, and what’s the sacrifice of one, compared to thousands?
Han: *turns to crowd * What do you think, trusted members of our nation? Shall he march forward for his beloved country and state?
~The Hexagonal Office applauded loudly as Mr. Han let go of Decoda. As he dropped to the floor, he brushed himself off, still with a nervous look on his face. After the applauding died down, the mammal yelled to his boss in a sarcastic tone. ~
Decoda: Okay, first, you’re applauding a guy who can become deaf from his own audience of hundreds of thousands, so work on that cheer. And secondly, how am I going to get there in time? My car’s fast, but by the time I get there it’ll be late afternoon!
Han: No problems with transportation! We’ll ship you there via Masters of the Air!
Decoda: Masters of the Air? Your helicopter organization will fly me there?
Han: Exactly! Anything else you wish to complain about and try to refuse the trip?
Decoda: Mmm…nope…let’s go…

~Reluctantly, the brick red guinea pig got off the helicopter with the aid of the pilots. He looked around the area before him in awe. The once beautiful Orchid Village, now in a pile of ashes, wrecked streets, and plenty of confused and injured residents. Many bodies lying in the houses, rubble and roads were either not breathing, headless, or screaming out vulgarities and cries of help. As sad as this scenario was, Decoda’s job was just beginning. He and the few troops from the copters, headed out into the village, examining the place for the crooks. ~
Decoda: This is disgusting and upsetting…and hopefully all we’ll see of this mess…
~The armed group of troops that were sent with the unarmed Decoda all stayed together while more were on their way. No newscasters were around, so for now the day was theirs to seek out the baddies. Every time he heard an eerie noise, Decoda flipped around and began to sweat, but it was only another helpless being crying out or moaning in pain. Whoever had done this seriously had a grudge against Tropicans, or the residents of the precious Orchid Village. Then Decoda remembered what that one man had said: “…about 50 or so have been found dead in that town of only 15,000. It’s not a small number to us, but its pretty hefty for a find on their part. Anyway, for some reason, the only ones who have been slaughtered, or targets of slaughter are beings that posses any form of magical or supernatural power”. ~
Decoda: Magic murderers…wonderful…
~After an hour of searching, they reached the middle of the village, and luckily the most deserted part of it. When the group stopped, Decoda halted completely. Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a black figure swoop across a burned building, and on the opposite side, the same thing had happened. He scanned the area for more movement, but nothing occurred. After a minute of complete silence, a scream from behind him was heard and shortly after, a barrage of gunfire! When the guinea pig turned around, all he saw were machine guns firing into the air and a headless soldier, lying on the ground. The blood that drained from his neck quickly formed into pool around his remains. The rest of the troops panicked and began to swear, scream, and pray for the Sky King. Decoda’s heart stopped beating immediately and he had to beat his chest with a closed fist several times to get it to start going up again. Gasping for air, he scanned the area another time and atop the roof of the damaged Town Hall, stood two black hooded figures. ~
~The guinea pig quickly identified that these were indeed birds, seeing their tail feathers blow behind them in the short spurts of breeze that flowed that day. He only could glare at the two in silence and refused to say anything to the men behind him. The shorter one on the left carried the soldier’s human head, and as if it were junk, tossed it from the building’s top and onto the ground. An armed man saw the movement, and screamed, firing his weapon rapidly, but the beings simply dodged the attack and leaped down to the ground, scythes at the ready. Decoda had no choice but to speak now; he told the men to hold their fire until he gave the signal. Facing the black creatures, he spoke bravely and loudly. ~
Decoda: You there! You are convicted of criminal assault, murder, and the destruction of peace in the state of Grapelina! How do you reply?
~The one lowered its head while the taller of the two stood still. The short bird then yelled in a higher pitched but still male tone of voice. ~
???: GUILTY!
~Speeding forward, the small bird swung his scythe around his arms and was ready to slice the guinea pig’s head, clean off his shoulders. Decoda then remembered a dance move that he was taught back in dance class; it was called the Split Dodge, and was the kind of move that seemed like a fake-out. Quickly, he evaluated the timing of the oncoming attack and put his moves to action – he spread his legs apart, bent his knees, and as the bird swung the scythe, Decoda did a split, and tucked his head into his body. The bird was thrown off a little, but still tried to attack. Decoda finished the move by lifting his lower half up and created a handstand spin-kick attack to knock the bird to the floor. Decoda tumbled over onto his backside, and quickly stood up to see that the short figure’s hood was off. The black topknot and blue feathers immediately let the mammal know that this was the quail that Kikanoto mentioned! That must mean the other one was the heron! The bird then flipped its head around to the mammal and tried to attack again when it got to its feet, but the heron shouted to it and stopped it in its tracks. ~
???: Stop! This being possesses no known power and he will be a waste of our time. Let us depart for another city.
~Without refusal, the blue quail tried to slip his hood back on and dashed toward his partner. Decoda, quite confused, shouted after them and ran toward the two. The two birds however, leapt with great ease back up to the top of the Town Hall, far from where Decoda was now standing. The guinea pig growled as he watched the other being drop his hood for the first time and introduce himself to the agent. ~
???: I am Kyron the Heron. Take heed to my warning, young agent – stay away from our kind and you won’t be harmed!
Decoda: How can I trust that has destroyed an entire village of helpless individuals?!
Kyron: I’m not asking you to trust us, I’m only asking you to leave us be to our business. The M.A.G.I.X. will prevail, one way or another!
~With that last bit shouted, the two beings lifted their cloaks up laughed maniacally, and revealed their wings. In a flush of wind, the two birds were gone from Orchid Village, leaving the remains to Decoda. ~

Ooohhhhh, Chriiiiiiiiiiiissss!!! ^_^ Its YOUR TURN!
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Re: Under Magix's spell

Post by ShadowChris on 2/5/2011, 11:53 pm

They said it would never happen, they said it would never be done, and they would probably be right i people hadn't been bugging me to work on it. But i got it done anyways! (mostly because Geoff typed it and wrote it and did most of the work, i just told him the characters. In fact he's typing this stuff right now.) Here it is, chapter 2:

In the dark Magix base, two more hooded figures began to arm themselves. They picked up their scythes and bombs, and headed towards the teleporter.
???:So where are we going.
???: The others took the two planets we knew about, so the unknown one is ours.
???: But didn't the boss say only go to the ones we know about.
???: Maybe so but this could be our chance to prove ourselves.
The two beings were new recruits in the Magix organization and thus had little respect, if they could eliminate a powered being, it would rocket them way up on the list of members. The two beings, scythes in hand, approached a large teleporter. The larger of the two punched in some co-ordinates into a large computer and the teleporter warmed up.
???: Lets go.
???: Right.

On the mysterious planet of X-17, a very important event was occurring. Through out the streets, the Echidna population was celebrating.
Echidna: Whoa who. I love this day.
Today was the Festival of Chaos, a day in which the Echidnas would celebrate the entire day to worship their gods. It was a special holiday, the streets where lined with fake chaos emeralds. And the Echidnas where giving out candy emeralds to their loved ones. It was a holiday to see, with the echidnas lining up to say thanks to a large emerald. Truly it was one of the happiest days on X-17. And to protect all the people from any harm, the "great" king had sent his two best men to protect them.
???: Why are we here again?
The large one in a massive suit holding a helmet to his side was in a grumpy mood.
???: Come one chase its not that bad. BEEP.
The second was a Robotic panda, but it was not easy to tell as he dressed in a trench coat and a hat.
Chase: Yes it is that bad Gearick, I could be training for a real challenge instead of baby sitting these weak civilians.
Gearick: Hey, my code name is Bearly Noticeable. Remember?
Chase: Gearick, there are so many problems with that ilk…
Suddenly, a small needle like object with a round end with a timer on it lands stuck in the ground between the two.
Chase: Huh.
He looks at the object only to notice Its a bomb.
Chase: Oh crap, Gearick Jump!
The duo jump into the air as the bomb explodes quickly with a large blast radius.
Chase: Gearick give me cover. I need to get the civilians out of here.
The Spartan fox ran off to help the civilians. Meanwhile the two cloaked figures had made their move. The smaller one quickly snuck up behind the Robotic panda and with a quick movement, he swung his massive scythe at the Panda, only to have it clank on the panda and stop instantly.
???: Huh?
Gearick then turned his head 180 degrees backwards*
Gearick: Hi there.
???: Dang, He's a synthetic.
Gearick: I don't know what that means, but I'm a robot, wanna see?
His chest opened up revealing a large chain gun. the hooded figure jumped back.
???: Dang he's loaded.

Now its up to Geoff to tell us who's up next.
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Re: Under Magix's spell

Post by Sponsored content

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