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World One: Iciaura

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World One: Iciaura

Post by Luna on 1/20/2012, 5:09 am

Greetings! My name is Luna Karterra Materex the Hedgehog. Sorry for the long name, but I felt that a formal introduction was needed. In case you all are wondering why I'm here, it's beacuse You dont really know anything about Iciaura, do you...? Well, judging by the look on your faces, i guess not. So, without further ado... I hereby grant you access to My world's information and history!

World Name: Iciaura

Leadership: Monarchy

Current Queen/King: Luna Karterra Materex & Blastion Yadnus

Current Heir(s): Queen: Mystessia King: Garment

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Population(current): 1.5 million
Population(11 years ago): 23

Languages: Iciaurian, English

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Main Exports:
- Weaponry/Armor
- Jewelry
- Fashionable Clothing
- Assortments of special foods and spices

Main Imports:
- Certain Building Materials
- Some assortment of Fabrics
- Several rare ingredients

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Climate: Snowy year round
-*Summer: temp. average- 70 degrees and flurries
-*Fall: temp. average- 50-60 degrees and simple snow
-*Winter: temp. average- -90~12 degrees and blizzards
-*Spring: temp. average- ~50 degrees and flurries

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Main Continents:

Valence: The largets of the continents. This is where the castle of Iciaura is located. This is also the home of many markets and shopping centers. Countries here include; Saren, Tir, Comis, Hodle, and Rosel.

Kyuu: This is the second largets continent on Iciaura. Here is where the exports are made. Blachsmiths, Whitesmiths, Jewelers, and Tailors work and practically run this area.

Harbura: This may be one of the smaller continents of Iciaura, but this is where everything is imported, exported, and transferred amongst the other continents. This port town will become very busy, very quickly, so be wary of where you go.

Lesser continents include:

Junias: Mining continent
Plethio: Mostly Forest Sanctuary
Durra: Farming and agricultural area

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~


Kotua Shrine
location- Valence; near Castle Iciaura
History- Built 10,000 years ago to honor Zarek Kotua; the first host of Daitengu. When Zarek died, Daitengu was sealed within the shrine along with the demon's scepter, and Zarek's sacrificial knife.

Lava Lakes
location- (Ironically) Plethio; scattered throughout the forest sanctuary
history- They are a more recent landmark, mysteriously and naturally created shortly after the marriage and announcement of ruling by Luna and Blastion.

Crystal Pillars
location- small ones scattered all over Iciaura's Continents; one large tower in the center of each continent.
history- Each pillar holds a small amount of every element. Once a year, each of the pillars will light up in an array of colors. Beams of light connect the tips of each of the towers to each other. In the past, these pillars were to be said to signal the coming of great power. Nowadays, they are used to signal the start of the elements festival.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~


Past Rulers: King Zacharias and Queen Gwenivere (In respect of Iciaura's royalty and customs, only the pair before the current will be named)

- Icewing Aerial
Valence and Kyuu engaged in a civil aerial war.

- Hanwind/ Iciaurian War
The nearby world, Hanwind, declared war on Iciaura in hopes of a takeover, but failed misrably due to Iciaura's great defense.

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