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Aura Wake Characters

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Aura Wake Characters

Post by Zazul on 12/31/2011, 3:05 am

*two doors lie ahead. As they open, you find yourself inside of a vast library, millions of books on shelves that tower at least as tall as an office building. Sitting in a chair at a desk in this area is a man made of green tentacles. They are writhing out from his head like hair. A single eye is sideways on his face with no mouth. Suddenly, he presses his mind to yours and speaks*

"Greetings, Mortal. I am Hermaceus Mora, Daedric Prince of Knowledge and the Unknown. Welcome to my realm, Oghma Infinium. It is my own little patch of paradise and the largest Daedric Artifact ever devised. It holds the knowledge of all since the beginning of time. Now then, I take it you're interested in those mortals that seem to have found their way into the story? Yes...they are rather interesting. Let me show you about them."

*he holds his green hand out at a book with the words "Aura Wake" written on them*

"In this book is all you need to know about them. Be warned, knowledge comes with a price."

*your vision goes black as you are sucked into the book*

Aura Wake: the strongest and most exclusive House in the College of Avalon. Headed by Arch Mage Savanos Narn, it is tasked with acting by order of the government as the Magic police of sorts that deal with all magical threats to the galaxy. Their members are rarely seen and are very powerful mages. However, four new students, fresh to the College and to magic itself, have made their way to become members of this esteemed House. Will this mark the beginning of a new age, or the downfall of Aura Wake?

Name: Noah Marcusson

Noah is a 15 year old Celestio-Sapian/Phantasian Human hybrid. He specializes in Elemental Destruction magic as well as working in synch with powerful Elementals known as Atronachs to boost the powers of his spells. He was taught this method by his father, Marcus Wolfenritter. He is eager to make new friends and learn more about magic all and all. Because of this, the Arch Mage has taken interest in him and allowed him and his friends into Aura Wake, the Arch Mage's personal House in the College of Avalon. He may be good at what he does, but he has a lot to learn if he is to take on the evil Malefecarum and their Blood Priest masters as well as the Necromancers.

Name: Mercer Law

Mercer is a 17 year old Iciaurian skunk from the well-respected Law family. His dream is to become the most powerful Warlock in history, even greater than his ancestor Quintus Law. He uses powerful Runes to summon weapons and demons to fight alongside or for him. As a child, he summoned a powerful Ilidari demon that destroyed his town and caused Queen Luna Materex to banish him, even though the punishment for such a thing would be death. Perhaps she spared him because he reminded her of a long lost friend? But in any case, Mercer now attends the College of Avalon as a student alongside his friends, Aero, Ai, and Noah in the Arch Mage's personal House, Aura Wake. He is talented, this is true, but he is going to need a lot more training if he thinks he and his friends will ever stand a chance against the enemies they will soon encounter.

Name: Ai Sendo

Ai is timid, quiet, and physically meek. However, her mind is stronger than the average Newman from Gurhal. At only age 14, she is the youngest person ever admitted into the College of Avalon. Her dream is to become a powerful Support Mage and Healer so she can keep her friends from getting hurt. She was originally a priestess-in-training at the Communion of Gurhal, however her abilities showed that she was not using Techniques like the other Newmen, but in fact she was using Magic, something the Newmen were thought to be incapable of doing. So, by order of the High Priest, she was sent to Mobius's own College of Avalon in order to learn. It was here that she met her friends Aero, Mercer, and Noah. But, will she prove strong enough to help her friends with the danger looming?

Name: Rex Combitere

Rex is one of Aura Wake's elite members and is a powerful Sound Mage. He is a huge fan of Dubstep and works as a DJ in Sweet Tune's Satellite for Sweet's son Beat when he isn't running around for the government or the College. He is laid back and looks at Noah and the others as his little siblings. He is a rare race of Veritasian that is able to use what remains of his former organic self to connect to Magic Aura. He acts as a mentor to the new members of Aura Wake and is the second S-Rank Adept to be featured.

Name: Morpheus Hellheim

Morpheus is a Mobian Lynx and a member of Aura Wake House. He is the first S-Rank Adept featured and is shown as being indifferent to the new members joining. Morpheus is known to use very powerful Illusion spells and has completely mastered Sleep and Paralysis, meaning he is quick to end a battle. As a Mesmer, or Mind Mage, he can inflict powerful hallucinations on his opponents, his most powerful being the "Tower of Babylon", in which a large tower appears and lets out an ear-piercing sonic screech as it lets out pressure to crush opponents. It has been rumored that Morpheus can bring his illusions to the real world through some strange technique, but this has never been proven. It is also a rumor that he is a descendant of the Ailuro Clan on his mother's side, but this too has not been proven. He is fiercely loyal to the Arch Mage and make frequent but brief visits to the College mainly to receive his next assignment. As a member of Aura Wake, he does jobs for the government and is known to be quite proficient at it. Out of all the other S-Ranks, he is most favored by Savanos to become the next Arch Mage. He refuses to take part in the Games because he believes the new members and Rex to be more than capable of taking back the title.

Name: Salem Narn

Salem is the son of Arch Mage Savanos Narn and a member of Aura Wake. He is said to be the strongest out of all the S-Rank members of Aura Wake, but also the most brutal. He believes that magic should only be taught to the strong, a belief that is looked down on by his father. Salem is hell-bent on becoming Arch Mage and has even boasted that he will one day challenge his father for the title. He hates the fact that the new members were let in and because of this hates the new members themselves. He leads his own personal squad, The Spell Hawks, and uses them to run more high-risk jobs for the government. He refuses to take part in the games because "I wouldn't be caught dead with those lousy weaklings!" as said by him in a letter to his father.

Name: Savanos Narn

Savanos is the current reigning Arch Mage and is known as the strongest Mage in the universe. Confident and nurturing, Savanos cares for the College and its students like a parent would his children. His son, Salem, is also a student at the College. However, Salem and his team keep away from the College because they are members of Aura Wake, and as such take on missions from the government to deal with magical threats to the peace. Savanos's magic is unknown and very powerful, making him a deadly adversary to come across. His mask, however, is not his own and it is unclear where he came upon it. Perhaps that will be revealed later? As the Headmaster of Aura Wake, it is his job to issue out missions to the members and see that all are treated equally. He is challenged nearly every day for his title as Arch Mage and defends it each and every time without even getting a scratch. However, the challengers always come to him and he is never seen leaving the College, or even stepping outside the Five Pillars that form the seal protecting the College. Could this mean he is a coward, or that there is something more to the is old mage that meets the eye? Only time will tell.

The Neonorium: The school of Necromancy located on Rapture. It is here that Necromancy, Demonology, a darker form of Alchemy, and Illusion are prized instead of traditional magics. The Wormlord is the Neonorium's version of the Arch Mage. The current Wormlord, Manimaus Bonemark, hates the College of Avalon and would do anything to bring it down. However, he respects Savanos as a colleague and would face him on equal ground if possible. They are the current winners of the Mage Games and have held that title for nearly 13 years. With their 3 year streak-winners, the Blackwald Five, they plan to dominate the Games for the fourth year in a row since the Five's formation. However, they didn't count on the Aura Wake students to show up.

Name: Heinrich Marrowrend

Heinrich is a war-mongering, World War 2-style Necral Necromancer who would do anything to prolong war. As shown in his speech, he loves war in every form. His form of Necromancy, which is him absorbing the dead material from corpses and converting it into material he can use in melee attacks, is reminiscent of former Warlord Grom Reaver when he was possessed by Snake the Death Scythe. Heinrich idolizes the possessed Reaver as a genius in combat and the only Necral other than Manimaus Bonemark worthy of being called Wormlord. He has a deep hatred yet respect for Noah that stems from their first meeting during Aura Wake's first mission to hunt down rogue Necromancers who are in possession of an item known as "The Book of Charisma", which is a book full of Necromancer spells and techniques left behind by Necromancer Queen Charisma before she died and took over the Underworld. Heinrich and his Blackwald Five are the strongest magic users in the Neonorium and are respected almost like generals.

Name: Fenrir Jeckaljeques

One of the Neonorium's Blackwald Five. Fenrir is the son of two of the most powerful Demon Hunters in the galaxy and his reputation speaks for itself. As a mage, he is well-versed in Illusion Chaos spells as well as Destruction Force spells, reminiscent of his mother's Chaos Manipulation abilities and his father's force abilities. He is famous for using his own aura to bend Demons to his will and breaking their essences instead of making them serve him, another tribute to his demon hunting heritage. He is legally insane and will kill to get what he wants. He has a profound amount of respect for the Neonorium's Wormlord and for the other members of the Blackwald Five. He constantly taunts Aero during their first encounter, calling her cute and annoying her to no end.

Name: Cicero Sabiniri

One of the Neonorium's Blackwald Five. Cicero is a powerful Warlock who loves using his dagger on his opponents while his demons hold them down. He always refers to himself in the third person, and is rather childish in nature, referring to the most bloody of combat as "Playtime!". He currently has over 10 imps under his control as well as 2 voidwalkser named Ormjuk and Tralfarn that he uses as muscle. He is physically weak and so he only gets involved up close when his Voidwalkers have his enemies pinned down. He is obsessed with turning Mercer into his "Play-thing" after their first encounter. This means he most likely wants to torture Mercer in some of the most cruel ways possible. He learned most of his torturous ways from the book "Diary of Yuuka Palazzo", who he is dangerously obsessed with.

Name: Hayate Law

Hayate is a member of the Neonorium's Blackwald Five. It is unknown if she is related to Alex or Knives Law as she is a white skunk, but she takes pride in her Law heritage. Her parents were among the victims of Mercer's Demon going crazy in his town and hates her cousin with an undying passion. However, she has the unfortunate pleasure of facing off against Rex, a Sound Mage who is the fifth member of Aura Wake's team in the games. She is a powerful Battle Mage and uses both her swords and her bladed sheaths as weapons, earning her the title "Queen of Blades".

Name: Stein Fleshsew

Stein is a member of the Neonorium's Blackwald Five. He is a Necral that specializes in combining Alchemy with Machinery. He showed this by turning himself into a cyborg that was augmented with multiple different Alchemical devices. He mainly uses poisons to subdue his target since Alchemy is technically a form of magic and also uses powerful serums to heal his wounds as quickly as any healing spell. He does not speak, but if he could it would probably be about how he believes everyone except for himself and the other Blackwald Five minus Fenrir and Cicero are idiots.
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