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Black Ice Friendship Empty

Black Ice Friendship

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Black Ice Friendship Empty Black Ice Friendship

Post by Maxwell on 2/4/2011, 2:50 am

this is just something Phirania and I came up with. Sorry to say... this is all that i have typed up of it.

The yellow feline lay on the bed, still unconscious. The ice blue hedgehog that was tending to his wounds sighed as she changed the bloody bandages around his torso.

“That is the 3rd time already...” she muttered.

A large white, blue, and purple wolf that had crystals of ice growing out of the back of its large paws, phased through the door. a microchip was clamped gently between its massive jaws.

/I looked over this. It’s a chip that was in the cat’s arm that the x-ray machine picked up. Turns out that our patient’s name is Xanthos, his main ability is electrokinesis, while he is greatly skilled in Martial arts. He has a reaction to positive chaos energy, so he can’t be all good./

“Crap...” the girl sighed again.

The injured cat groaned in pain. His eyes fluttered open as he tried to sit up. The icy colored hedgehog gently pushed him back down.

“W-what the hell... OW!!!!” Xanthos grabbed at his bandaged chest.

“Please remain calm. Your body took too much damage for you to make such sudden movements.”

“Who are you?! Where the Hell am I?” The feline freaked as the girl sweat-dropped. He could tell she was hiding something. Being a ninja, he knew how to read people. The girl smiled very slightly.

“My name is Princess Luna Materex the Hedgehog. Please just call me Luna.”

The ninja sat up again and grabbed at his chest, while blood dripped from his mouth. It was clear that the girl he was with was psycho.

“Xanthos, please! You need to stay calm...”

“H-how do you know my name?” he asked, glaring at her.

/I extracted a microchip from your arm./ Koori the wolf spoke.

Xanthos paled visibly. He was majorly confused, so he flopped back onto the bed, wincing as his back made contact with the bed. The pause between the three creatures grew into a very awkward silence. It went on until the cat spoke again.

“You never answered me... Where am I?” he asked.

Luna sighed as she answered, “My home world. Well, Whats left if it anyway...”

“What do you mean whats left of it?”

/When she was 6, a demon attacked this place. It wiped out all but a few of her people, and my entire species. I am merely an A.I. that Luna created over the years./

“What happened after that?” Xanthos prodded.

“The fiery wolf demon was sealed away, and force into an unyielding slumber...”

“Where is it sealed?” He immediately regretted asking that as soon as he saw Luna’s eyes flash angrily.

“That, is NONE of your business. When you are well enough to move, I forbid you to pry into any information that may concern Dait- that event.”

Koori sneezed then looked at Xanthos then back to Luna.

“No. You are not to go giving him information either. I don’t him sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.”

The hedgehog stormed out of the room. Xanthos looked at Koori and blinked.

“How can you stand living with her?” he asked the A.I.

/Honestly, it ain’t easy./

Xanthos’s P.O.V

My life in the ancient ruins was an. . . awkward one. Whatever chance I had to move, I spent trying to get information. Demon, or how to get back to Mobius. The latter was more so important to me. Hyperion, my archenemy and a Titan with catastrophic power, had managed to to break out of Mobius’s core, where I has sealed him.

I have to destroy him.

No. Matter. What.

Today, I find myself in the decrepit courtyard, training myself physically and mentally. After a series of random exercises, I sigh. I have explored the entirety of the castle and was disappointed to find a lack of any transportation. Then I realized; this was another planet completely.

“So I would need a spaceship?” I say aloud. I would have to ask Luna or Koori if they had one.

“Don’t bother,” a soft voice murmurs. I slowly turn, a kunai twirling in my hand. It is Luna.

She slowly treads towards me and brushed past my shoulder. I follow her through the corner of my eyes. She stops for a moment and glances at me.

The air holds a paralyzing tension as time slowly ticks past. After several moments, I grunt and slowly walk away.

‘What a lovely little resort this is,’ I think sarcastically.

Luna’s P.O.V

A spaceship? Really? The only way off this world was in a bazillion and one pieces in the craft yard. I was still trying to figure out how that cat got here. As I walked down one of the desecrated hallways of what was left of my home, I stopped in the swords room. I sat down in the middle of the room, and stared at the only sword that i truly cared about. I then looked up at the sky, (the roof was torn off) and loose a deep sigh.

“What am I supposed to do?” I muttered to myself.

My eyes fell back onto the ice bladed sword that hung on the wall. I stood up, took the sword, and headed out to the courtyard where Xanthos had just left.

The dead trees and shrubs made perfect targets. With a few near perfect strokes, I managed to make a full sized replica of the feline. With one graceful movement, the head of the target was neatly severed from the body. I have absolutely no idea why, but I felt a little better after doing that. I didn’t have much against the cat, I just didn’t trust him. The last thing I needed was for him to find out where Daitengu was sealed.

“Anger management? Or is it that you don’t like me very much.” A voice stated.

I turned to face the cat.

“Ha ha. Aren’t you the joke master.” I retorted, slicing the limbs off of Planthos. (Short for Plant Xanthos)

“Although I don’t enjoy the fact that you decided to use me as a target, you should have cut the limbs off first.” He instructed, trying to act smart.

“Don’t go telling me how to fight...” I snapped throwing the sword. It sliced cleanly through the base of Planthos before getting stuck in the far wall. I sighed and moved to retrieve it but Xanthos beats me to it. He grabs the sword and pulls it out of the wall and proceeds to examine it.

Xanthos’s P.O.V

“Such a beautiful blade...” I murmur as I examine the blade. I can feel something in the earth.

“Give. It. Back. NOW!” Luna growls, pulling me out of my trance. I ignore her and drive the blade into the ground, wincing as I heard Luna gasp. Making a hasty escape, I gather my energy and use my favorite ninja technique, the Body Flicker Jutsu.

Luna’s shrieks of anger faded away as my speed multiplied several times. I ran to the graveyard; I hadn’t searched for a way off the rock dump there.

The wind howled as I release the jutsu, and I felt a cold aura in the air. What could possibly give off such an overpowering aura? Surely not Luna, she was still in the courtyard. Gathering my wits, I traverse the Land of the Dead, my curiosity leadyng the way.

Luna’s P.O.V

I gave another cry of rage. How DARE that cat! This blade was a little over 500 years old. A “ninja” should know how to treat and old sword. As I struggled to pull the blade out of the earth, a sudden shiver went through the air and down my spine. The spirits that guarded the graveyard alerted me that there was an unwanted presence there. My hands burst into flames and I ripped the sword from the ground. The flames surrounding my hands died out as I ran off, following Xanthos’s aura to the graveyard. Snow fell gently and no wind blew as The spirits recognized me. I physically shivered as I felt the cold aura the lost souls gave off every time I came to visit my parents’ graves.

“I may as well pay them a visit...”

A bouquet of 20 teal crystal roses materialized in my hands. As I walked amongst the graves, Xanthos’s aura became clearer. I soon found him treading in the direction of where my ancestors lay. He must have heard me approach because he turned to face me. I saw the smirk on his face when he saw the dust and dirt that rested on the blade of the sword. That look changed to one of confusion when he saw the roses.

“What are they for?” he questioned.

I ignored him and continued to walk. He followed me, still looking confused. We walked in silence. The only motions were the two of us walking, the snow falling, and the occasional movement of Xanthos as he brushed off the snow that collected on his shoulders. I tried to dismiss his presence, but I couldn’t do it. There was just something about his company...

I came to two large Headstones. The first read; ‘Here lies Queen Gwenivere. A ruler and a mother. She shall be missed.’ The other read; ‘Here lies King Zacharias. A ruler, a warrior, and a father. He shall be missed.’

Xanthos watched as I placed 10 of the roses on each grave.

“One for each year they have been gone...” I whispered sadly.

“Ten years?” He asked.

“Yeah. They died when I was just 6. The only family I have left is a half sister named Charisma, but she hates my guts... Its been pretty lonely here. The only survivors are currently living underground, fearing everyday of their lives. Besides me, there were 22 other survivors. They have each other. I merely have Koori and she is just an A.I. that I created so I don’t go crazy...”

Xanthos said nothing. was he shocked that I told him so much? Did he walk away while I was talking? I turned to see him just standing there, a solemn look on his face.

“That blade,” He started. “Did it...”

“The sword was passed down generation to generation on my father’s side.This tradition started about 500 years ago. It usually goes to the firstborn. In the past, every firstborn was a boy. Therefore they got the sword. I was the first girl to be a firstborn. My father told me that it would go to my little brother once he was born and matured. The demon attacked three days later. My little brother was never born, so I had to claim the sword by default.” I explained.

“Your little brother was...”

“Yes. He was killed by the demon when my mother was pregnant with him...”

I stood up, forcing myself not to cry. My fists encased themselves in ice as I punched a half destroyed wall, crumbling it to dust. Not wanting to fight it anymore, I collapsed to the ground and cried, not caring is Xanthos watched or not.

Xanthos’s P.O.V

Naturally, I felt guilty. Anybody would. But I had my reasons for jabbing the sword into the ground. I always have a reason for my actions.

“. . . Luna, can you... give me the sword?” I ask shakily, trying to console the cyan hedgehog. She naturally whipped around and snarled at me, clutching the blade close to her body.

“Why do you need it now? To stab my parents’ graves?!” she retorted, tears streaking her face. I sigh heavily and pinch the skin between my eyebrows.

“There’s something in the courtyard. I believe that only this sword can pierce the ground with the precision needed..” She stared at me blankly. She was questioning my intentions, but I needed that sword.

“Fine,” she says after several moments. Her voice was cold. “But you try to pull anything, I’ll rip your spine from your body.” I winced and trudged back to the courtyard as Luna glared daggers into my back. With a heavy snort, she followed. The journey to the courtyard was awkward and long. ‘Can time go any slower?’ I think to myself as I stride through the ballroom. We soon found ourselves in the courtyard, where we had been mere moments before. I outstretch my hand for the sword.

Luna hesitates, her hands shaking. I lower my own hand. My request was too sudden. She couldn’t let go of the blade, that which was so dear to her heart.

I grasped her hand that held the hilt of the blade, and stared into her eyes. One crimson, the other emerald. Both were surprised. I inhale the crisp air as I steady her.

“Are you ready?” I murmur into her ear. She twitches and slowly nods. Time holds still for a moment. Luna and I locked eyes again and with a unified cry, heaved the blade into the cracked ground.

The bricks on the ground were sent flying as the blade was wedged into the cracks. A blast of purple light erupted from the ground and we fell back, blinded and surprised.

“What did you do?!” Luna cried out. My thoughts were not on her, however. as the light dies down, I scramble forward. A bed of purple crystals meets my eyes as I reach the hole.

“I always thought this place was strange...”Luna mutters as she comes up behind me.

“What are these?” I ask her quietly.

“Transport gems. They can take you anywhere you need to go as long as you clearly define where it is... Guess you can go home now...” Her voice trails off and she looks down.

“...Would... would you like to see my world?” I ask softly, putting a hand on her shoulder.
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