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Shadow of Execution

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Shadow of Execution

Post by Zazul on 2/4/2011, 11:16 am

My idea for a fanfic that came to me while in the RPG section. I was hoping that this could be something that we all could get behind, since the characters I came up with are villans, and lets face it, every story needs good heros, and those heros could be Genesis, Luna, and all of you! Smile

As peace reigned throught the galaxy after the Sonic colors story, much of Earth has become a galactic hub for trade and peace. however, this fast economic evolution has attracted some rather unwanted attention. an evil empire of cyborgs known as The Execution Empire now sets its sights on earth and the destruction of all organic life in the galaxy. Now, new heros must pick up where the Sonic Team left off and combat this new advesary, lead by the ruthless Commander Zazul.

First, i'll introduce my characters, if its ok:

Zazul (name pronounced Zaz-ool): The commander of the Execution Empire's Organic Erradication Forces, Far East Theater Division. He acts as one of the main antagonists. He is emotionless, cold, cunning and ruthless. Armed with twin cannons, twin gattlings, a photon laser hidden in the chest, and a lance/shield combo, he leads his troops as they move to erradicate all organic life in the galaxy. it appears that he only answers to General Raelikk and Lady Chora. He has an extreme hatred for organics, the Hedgehog species in particular.

General Raelikk: Millitary Leader of the Execution Empire. Not much is known about him, only that he is married to Lady Chora and commands the Execution Imperial Armada from the Empire's home planet of Exodus. his personality is cold, calm, and collected, while at the same time feirce and determined.

Lady Chora (name pronounced Kor-ah): The political leader of the Execution Empire. She seems to act solely as a figurehead and, if she does have any real power over the army, she rarely uses it. She is one of the only Execution leaders with even a hint of emotion, even though that emotion is cruel, malicious, and rather sadistic.

Next is the types of cyborgs used by the Empire.

Splicers: Around 4 feet tall, they are not very heavily armored and usually armed with either a lance or a machine gun pistol. they generally act as shock troops, cannon fodder, and slaves. Zazul is always seen with at least 6 Splicers with him at all times. they appear to be less intellegent that the other models of cyborgs, which is probably why they are used en-mass.

Phazers: ghost-like, cunning robots who are made of some form of gel that phases through sollid objects. the only solid part is a metal orb-like brain in the center of thier half-humanoid-half-squid bodies. when inside the gel, this part can also phase through solid objects. they are, however, vunerable to elemental attacks, such as wind, water, or fire. they are rather intellegent and act as spies and assassins.

Touch-Koemas: Rather skinny, skeletal cyborgs with human brains in the tops of thier skulls. they understand, but do not use, emotion, and are the most intellegent of the Empire cyborgs. they are used as stratagists and diplomats to negotiate the surrender of any organics that might prove temporarily useful. they do not fight, and are relatively weak physically. however, they possess rather abnormal ESP powers, so they are capable of defending themselves.

Leviathins: the largest of the Empire's cyborgs. they stand at a hulking 40 feet tall, 20 feet wide, and are armed with massive plasma cannons on their backs and large drills on their arms. they are also armed with powerful machine guns on the sides of their mouths. they have no back legs and drag their snake-like behinds with small crab legs on their wastes. they act as tanks and general sweepers. with 5 inch thick adamantium plates coating their fronts and the tops of their backs, they are very hard to kill. the only way is to run up their tails or fly up their backs to the plasma core on their cannons and destroying it, causing them to explode.

so, what do all of you think? oddish!~

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